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Isick boy in bed found out that a close family members children are not immunized. They have been overseas and have all been seriously ill since returning home from their trip. I have two little ones and my youngest is not old enough to have had all his immunizations yet. We have seen them since they’ve been home and the children have played together. I am really quite upset and angry that we weren’t told about this and I am not comfortable seeing them until my youngest has had all of his immunizations. I’m not sure how to go about talking with them about it, really not keen on starting a family feud but I really feel like I should say something. Any suggestions would be fantastic

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  1. Kimmy says:

    If they are seriously ill, its fine to keep your children seperate for now. They will understand that you don’t want your baby getting sick. Its like keeping them apart when someone has a cold or flu. If the fact that they don’t vaccinate their children is bothering you, you can bring it up but you need to be respectful of their decision.

  2. Kelly says:

    I think you should just be straight with them, say it in a calm way and let them know your not judging there choice but you are not comfortable with your child being exposed to disease, hopefully they will understand and not be offended but at the end of the day your children are your number 1 concern. Good luck.

  3. Yen says:

    Where did they go and were they aware you needed to be vaccinated. Some people can be quite ignorant about these things. Have a talk with them first if they were aware then you have every right to be po but if not then understand that it was ignorance that contributed to them not immunising. I’m not saying it is right but depending on where they went they may not have had to immunise.

  4. Ami says:

    I dont think its unreasonable to keep your youngest away until hes fully immunized and your kids away until they are no longer sick. I vaccinate but am not ‘pro vac’ in any way and if id made the choice not to immunise i would completely understand your concerns and what u need to do atm to keep the chance of your kids getting sick to a minimum 🙂

  5. naomi says:

    If I was in that situation I would just tell them straight that I would be keeping my youngest away until he was fully immunized. You can be honest, it doesn’t mean you disrespect their choice it just means you are asserting yours.