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Dentist: My toddler has a chipped tooth – what now?

chipped toothToddlers are renowned for their rough and tumble play, and accidents are sometimes inevitable!

If your toddler or young child chips a tooth (or knocks it out completely!) it’s important for you to take swift action to give it the best chance of long term survival.

So what do you need to do?

Important details for your Dentist

If your toddler has chipped their tooth through an accident or injury, it is important to get as much information as possible. Whether they came off a bike, fell on concrete or got another form of trauma to the mouth, your dentist will want to know as many details as possible in order to access the injury and treatment.

Some situations are urgent, especially if the tooth has been knocked inwards or outwards, or even knocked out completely.

A tooth that is broken, or knocked clearly out, can often be salvaged IF prompt action is taken. So what exactly are you to do?

Locate it – Whether it’s the entire tooth, or just a broken piece, locate as quickly as possible after the event.

Protect it – If the tooth is knocked out, ideally you want to put it straight back into the socket. If it won’t fit back in, or it’s just a fragmented piece, pop in in a glass of milk immediately.

Salvage it – Get to your dentist, without delay! The sooner your toddler can be seen by a dentist, the better than chances of the tooth being repaired.

Treatment for your toddlers chipped tooth

The type of treatment administered by your dentist will be dependent on the age of your child, and the severity of the damage.

Children aged 3 and under can often only undergo limited treatment in the dentist chair. If required, some dentists have facilities that provide the option of a general anaesthetic; if not they can refer you to somewhere appropriate for further treatment.

Some injuries will require no treatment at all, but it is important that you get a professional opinion and let the dentist assess the situation.

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