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Difficulty conceiving second pregnancy

difficulty-having-second-babyJust wondering if anyone else has had more trouble conceiving with their second? We have been trying for months now right in ovulation, before and after and it doesn’t seem to be happening. It didn’t take this long with our first and now I am getting worried.

  • Stop trying so hard and counting cycle days. The more pressure you put on yourselves the less likely it will happen. Good luck Suzanne
  • I struggled conceiving our 3rd but it took over my life and all I could think about was getting pregnant but then I decided to let it go and not try so hard and the next month I was pregnant. Goodluck Brooke
  • My first was a oopsies and my second took us almost a year. Get a blood test to check your levels and then organise a date night and go let your hair down. Worked for us twice Kristy
  • I have an almost 3 year old and have been trying for a second for past year and a half. I was worried so followed all the appropriate steps to find out if there was an issue… At face value I was in a good way to fall pregnant… Next step was laparoscopic surgery. I had endometriosis which was preventing me from falling pregnant. It cannot be detected unless the surgery is done. It was removed and I am now currently in recovery mode. Hve been told I am now a perfect candidate to fall pregnant within the next 3 months. Wish me luck. I wish you all luck also

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