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Difficulty sleeping when Pregnant

difficulty sleeping when pregnantJust wanting others experiences and ways to deal.. I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant with my first and am having pretty bad pains in my tummy but only when I lie down! Does not matter if I lie on my right or left side or my back, with a body pillow, nothing helps. It hurts so bad and is affecting my sleep. I’m exhausted! Just wondering if any other mums experienced this and how you dealt with it and maybe some ways to help sleep

  • Sounds like ligament pain, sorry to say but it will keep getting worse the bigger you get. Try using heat packs, hot bath or shower before bed, lots of pillows. I had it with both pregnancies. Also with second my pelvis kept coming out of ailment too. Pregnancy is not easy on the body but so worth it Mel
  • I did, it was so painful. I had to put a pillow under my tummy so it lifted it and slept on my side, then a pillow between the knees Amanda
  • I had physio and learnt exercises as I stopped holding my belly in, my pelvis went out of alignment. I used to sit up to sleep. If I lied down, it was with heaps of pillows – under my head, behind my back, under belly, between knees and one to cuddle. It was hard but I got sleep when I sat up. Rebecca
  • Please see a Dr incase it’s something serious. I had Kidney pain and it was very serious. Also had Gallbladder pain. Not trying to scare you but if you aren’t able to get comfortable it’s worth looking into. Caroline
  • I’m 32 weeks pregnant and having the same problem but most of the pain was in my hips. I have put a nice soft blanket between the sheet and the mattress and have found that has helped immensely. I also use a heat bag and I am sleeping on an extra pillow. I find that in a recline position really helps Michelle
  • do you have one of the rocking chairs for the nursery? They should recline so you could try sleeping in that? Kerry
  • Possibly acupuncture may assist with your discomfort but make sure everything is ok with your Gp first. Emma
  • I hear you mumma! That was awful! I ended up having to sleep propped up on pillows so I was practically sitting! Some nights were better than others, but the lack of sleep is pretty tough! Sometimes i had a shower in the middle of the night which helped a bit too Sam

  • What did you do help you sleep when pregnant? Comment below

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