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Encouraging teeth brushing

What are your tips, tricks & advice for encouraging kids brushing their teeth every day – If your kids are anything like mine, it can be quite the argument getting them brushed.

  • With my almost 2 year old I also sing the wiggles ‘brush your teeth’ song when dressing him in the morning and at night and he plays with tooth brush tries to brush my teeth. And with my 10 year old he had some teeth pulled out 2 years ago from neglect ever since then he has brushed and flossed twice a day. Tracy
  • My son (almost 3) has always loved brushing his teeth, especially while he’s in the shower. When he was younger I put a couple of cheap tooth brushes in his toy box so he just thought they were another toy & it’s never bothered him other than a few times when he was teething. Steph
  • My question is can a 14 month old use tooth paste. As all packets say not to swallow um yep try explaining that to my daughter
  • My kids have used toothpaste since 1yo and swallowed it too hasn’t harmed them. Kelly
  • as long as they only use a very small amount it’s ok. Melinda
  • Oh there is my comment I only want to use a small amount but eating now her breathe is starting to smell so was hoping to try paste but she doesn’t comprehend spit. Donna
  • I started my now 20 month old brushing his teeth with Bongela (when he was teething) and a Tommee Tippee square rubber baby toothbrush at the age of 7 months now he brushes with no problem he also likes to brush mine as well as his, just to make sure that they are clean I quickly have a good go over at the same time as his doing mine.. Mel
  • We started both our kids as soon as they started getting teeth with baby toothbrushes and now we don’t really have any struggle getting it done. They start off and I finish it. If my little one is in a cheeky mood I tickle her till she is laughing hysterically and her mouth stays open enough for me to finish the job! Lizzie
  • I just brush them myself. Twice a day, for both my four and two year old. Something every parent of an under eight year old should do all the time anyway, as before age eight they cannot brush them properly unsupervised! Just use a small amount; it doesn’t matter if they don’t spit it all out. Better than having a dirty mouth! Naomi

Parents share what age their kids started to brush their teeth

What are your best tips to encourage tooth brushing?

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