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Fathers Day Presents From Kids

Fathers Day Presents From Kids - Baby Hints and TipsWhat are you buying for Father’s Day? Do you go all out?

  • Hubbys first fathers day and I want to make it special and I have no idea! He wants a boat but the bank won’t stretch that far this year!  
  • im due with baby number 2 on the saturday so hopefully that will be a nice fathers day gift. if not he can go without LOL Leanne
  • Our Fathers Days arent about spending a fortune or buying huge presents. We do the traditional breakfast in bed which is usually half eaten by the kids, fathers day stall presents and whatever the littlies make at kinder/creche. We generally have a special family day out somewhere, even if its just to get icecreams or hot chippies at the park. Its how I was raised. We love it this way! Save big fancy things for his birthday Renee
  • 5 yrs ago my hubby got a second daughter for Father’s Day which everyone said was the best present but it meant no sleep the night before, an apple for breakfast, and hungry jacks by himself on the way home… Lol Hannah
  • A bunnings voucher, every year a bunnings voucher. Was given strict instructions four years ago. Rebecca
  • I got a wood burning made that says ‘My Daddy, I know if I need guidance you’ll take my little hand and help me understand wherever my little feet take me, Youll be there by my side I’ll hold your love inside my heart. Call you “Daddy” with so much pride. Love forever. Michelle
  • It’s my husbands first fathers day and I’m having our daughters fingerprint in a pendant for him Kara
  • I always get something from my daughter so it’s usually not much, handmade card and a hand print canvas, personalised pen from her, coffee mug etc that sort of thing. He gets bigger proper presents for his birthday. I like Father’s Day to be something to do with the kids. He isn’t my Dad so nothing from me Michelle
  • For his 1st Father’s Day, I got my hubby a good quality dressing gown with “Daddy” embroidered on it. Kirstie
  • It’s my husbands first Father’s Day so we are making a handmade card and some hand moulds. Stacey
  • This is his first father’s day.. probably just give him fishing gear. Lol Tiffany
  • Tattoo of his newborn son’s name Holly
  • For my partners first fathers day this year I’ve ordered him a personalized bottle gentleman jack Daniels Jodie
  • We will be doing hand decorated stuff from our son Marnie
  • Kids will just buy from the Fathers Day stall at school. I found a multi purpose pen from Avon with a screw driver, spirit level etc…on. I will get the kids to make cards. Alison
  • Giving him the love he deserves. Anne
  • just something tiny as my son doesnt know wat fathers day is better wen hes old enough to pik somethng him self Brooke
  • It’s my first fathers day and I am stuck for idea’s.. Thinking maybe put his foot prints on a card and a shirt?
  • We will just spend the day together and the kids 6 and 5 will have the school craft presents and cards to give him. Jeanette
  • A 500 tattoo voucher for my partner one of his fav things so he’s easy to buy for . Nikki
  • I was just looking at personalised stubby holders that I can put my daughters pic on. Kylie
  • An electric guitar Chloe
  • I have no idea! I went all out on hubby’s first Father’s Day last year I’m not sure I can top it! Any ideas? (Prob will go out too I imagine) Emma
  • Will be doing a hand made card since my hubby has everything he needs. Plus he’s hard person to buy for lol Natasha
  • Hopefully my daughter will make something at school! Lols! Ermmm i have no idea he has everything! Prob just breakfast in bed and a relaxing day. Sophie
  • Hopefully a new wedding ring he lost his last week at woodman point Em
  • Getting all 6 kids hands moulded & framed plus some little gifts & the kids will buy plenty of interesting bits & pieces at the Father’s Day stall Belle

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