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Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes – expert advice on risk, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment and what to eat when diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

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Gestational Diabetes Friendly Foods for Christmas

Q&A: I am hosting Christmas this year, but my sister has gestational diabetes. What foods can I serve that won’t send her glucose/carb readings over the edge?

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Gestational diabetes birth stories

Q&A: Parents share their journey through gestational diabetes from pregnancy to birth

Coping with gestational diabetes

I got diagnosed with GD on Monday, and I have had to do quite a radical diet change but my morning sugars are too high (over 5) how did you …

Gestational Diabetes Healthy Snacks

Q&A: I have just been told I have gestational diabetes and am on diet control. Was wondering if any mum have some healthy snack ideas that I can use

Gestational diabetes experiences

Q&A: I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. It will need to be diet control first with 4 daily finger pricks and low GI Diet. Who else was diagnosed with this? And did it turn into insulin injections?