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Gestational Diabetes Healthy Snacks

Pregnant woman in kitchen eating a salad smilingI have just been told I have gestational diabetes and am on diet control. Was wondering if any mum have some healthy snack ideas that I can use. I find that the most difficult is when I just want a little snack. So hard to find ones I can have.

  • I make a smoothie in the arvo, I have lunch then a make up a fruit smoothie and that hits the spot.  Chantel
  •  Veggie sticks & dips. Cheese & crackers. Cottage cheese, tomato on crackers. Fruit & yoghurt as a dip. Have things cut up in the fridge ready to go.  Danielle
  •  I ate corn thins, snack right fruit slice biscuits, for me brand yogurt, le rice yogurt, light cheese, drink of low fat milk. Having protein when you have carbs is good too, I had hard boiled eggs and tuna (but I think tuna is limited to once a week). If you’re out a hamburger from Maccas is ok as a snack (but not a cheeseburger) and a KFC fillets box meal counts as a main meal but that’s not including the drink. Good luck.  Salleigh
  •  Almonds, tomato and avocado cruskits, plenty of fruit, veggie sticks and hommus. Good luck!  Katiee
  •  If you’re after some chocolate, the dieticians told me that nestle soleil diet snack packs are ok. They have yellow packaging. I only eat the choc mouse one but there is crème Brule and others too. If I didn’t gag eating yoghurt, I would eat that instead. But can’t stand it. Veggie sticks etc probably best.  Alyse
  •  Strawberries are good.  Michelle
  •  Sesame snacks, nuts, strawberries, for me yoghurt, baked beans.  Nathalie
  •  I lived on protein. I ate so much BBQ chicken it wasn’t funny. Also those for me’ yogurts. And apples. It’s hard. Get the calorie king app if you have an iPhone. It was my savior.  Also light saladas with Vegemite.  Jackie
  •  2 vita weets with low fat cheese and slice tomato with cracked pepper or diet/natural yogurt with a piece of fruit or 1/4 cup raw unsalted nuts or 20g 70% cocoa choc + tbsn gogi berries or hommus dip with raw veggies to dip that’s all I can think of atm.  Rachel
  •  I ate yoghurt and a crunchy muesli bar as a snack in the morning and in the afternoon I would eat fruit. 500g of strawberries is a serve of carbs so you can eat a heap and it fills you up. Also berries are low GI so slow sugar release which is good for the glucose levels.  Lisa
  •  Have just been diagnosed second time around also. A good rule that a friend taught me was 30gms carbs for main meals and 15 Gms carbs for smacks. I ate vita weats with avocado, tomato cheese etc, snack right biscuits, some dark choc to cure the craving but only 15 Gms worth. Milo, fruit. Lots of whole grains and veggies. With takeaway souvlaki & Mexican were fine.  Nicole

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