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Heating and storing expressed breastmilk

I would like to know after you have expressed breastmilk what is best method for heating and storing expressed breastmilk. Where is best place to store it? And what are the preferred heating methods?

  • I would freeze it and put the freezer bag in a bowl of hot water when you want to use it. It is recommend to never microwave breast milk. Renee
  • In fridge or freezer and in bottle placed in boiled water Salena
  • You can purchase sterile bags for breastmilk, so you can freeze it, otherwise you can freeze it in bottles. To defrost it leave it in the fridge overnight and warm it in lukewarm water just before use, DO NOT microwave it otherwise you’ll kill all the natural antibodies & nutrients in the milk Elizabeth
  • I froze mine and used a sterilised ice cube tray. Then when frozen a popped them into a sterilised Tupperware container and kept it in the freezer. Each cube was 15ml so I knew how many I needed for each feed and didn’t waste any. I would put the bottle in a bowl of boiling water until it melted and was room temp. Ashlee
  • Mine was stored in the fridge, I would heat up water in a kettle ad that to my jug and put the bottle in the warm water to heat. Justine
  • I can’t offer storage advice but I had read that you shouldn’t shake it, you must swirl and yea no microwave like the others have said Joanne
  • I put mine in zip lock bags labelled with date and mls and place it at the very back of our freezer Oh and thaw in fridge overnight and heat bottle in a mug of hot water. The ABA website has heaps of information Elana
  • Here’s some useful info. The best way to heat it is let it thaw/warm by placing the bag/bottle in warm/hottish water. You can’t microwave it as something changes in the makeup of it when you do. I bought freezer bags from babies r us and have bottle lids for my bottles. I have found it pays to be organized if you’re going to express and always record when it was expressed so you know for future reference. Samantha
  • I used milk storage bags. Heating is best done in hot water. Don’t microwave Rochelle
  • Back of the fridge is recommended as it’s the coldest.. Not in the door. Tanealle
  • Fridge if using within 3 days, freezer for up to 3 months. Pop the bag or bottle in a cup or bowl of just boiled water to warm, don’t microwave breast milk & don’t shake it, just give it a gentle swirl to mix the fat & water components, vigorous shaking destroys some of the good bits Tracy
  • Can be stored in fridge for 2 days, freezer for 3 months or deep freezer for 6 months in bottles, milk bags, avent make special containers. Heat in bottle warmer or in a jug of hot water surrounding container/bottle. Don’t microwave. The ausralian breast feeding association has a table that is very helpful. I used it all the time to help me remember! Steph
  • I keep my expressed in the fridge for a day or 2 then freeze in glad snap lock bags date it & write how many mls & freeze it flat to defrost I run under warm Tap & that also warms it’s faster way to heat it the i pour it in to a bottle Michaela
  • I store mine in plastic zip lock bags in freezer. Easy to write date and quantity on the bag. Then I defrost in hot water. Natalie
  • Priceline I think sell them and some chemist the brand Swisspers sells breast milk storage bags with ml marks on them perfect for storage and freezing they are brilliant Meegan
  • I keep 2-4 bottles in the back of my fridge. Any extra milk I freeze in Qubies. Once frozen I transfer the cubies into ziplock bags and write the date on them and they go back into the freezer. To heat the milk up I use a Medela bottle warmer. It can heat up from fridge or frozen so if you have forgotten to take some milk out the freezer to defrost before hand this feature is helpful. Love my bottle warmer, never have to worry about it not heating the milk evenly or too hot/cold. Sarah

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