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Help When Second Baby Born

help when second baby bornI’m due with my second child in 3 weeks and have a 3year old as well. My mum been very kind and has offered to come and help for a week. I’m wanting others experience on when they felt was the best time to have someone come and help?

  • my mum took a month of work and helped me through the final stages of pregnancy, the birth and first 9 days because my husband is fifo and was not there. I think it’s a wonderful gesture, I thank my mum from the bottom of my heart for being there for me. Alana
  • I found the first 2 weeks the easiest then it got hard! Ha. So I’d suggest any time after that. Good luck. X Mandy
  • If I could have I would have had my mum come and stay from the moment my baby was born until she turns 18! But I had to settle for 2 weeks when my lo was 3 weeks old – was awesome having her here Katie
  • Maybe wait until ur partner/husband goes back to work? That way u will both have time to bond with the new baby and get ur older child settled too. I had my Mum come to help out after my partner went back to work, it was great! Nicole
  • I found having my mum at the 4 month mark helped heaps. All the visitors have gone and I needed some help then ( I have a reflux and milk protein allergy baby). Mum cooked up heaps of meals and froze them and caught up on my house work etc. Emma
  • My hubby will be with me for two weeks and then my mum will come help when he’s gone back to work.. I did that last pregnancy Hollie
  • I’m a single, first-time mum, and my mum was there for the birth and only went home 2 weeks ago…my son is three months! Couldn’t have done it without her Julie Curtis Amber
  • I’m due next week and have had my mum and mil alternate who stays with me for the last few weeks and have loved it! Granted I get along with both of them really well and this pregnancy had been hard emotionally and physically much more than my others-this will be bub four and I could not of managed without the extra hands. It’s all very personal though, I had no trouble on my own with my other pregnancies/bringing bub home, but had my hubby home full time for at least two weeks after each birth too. Nadia
  • a couple of weeks after your home. That way you can get to know your angel without anyone else there. Good luck with your impending arrival! Carmel
  • Is dad taking time off work? If he is get mum to come once he goes back to work. That way you will have help for longer plus you and your husband/partner get to spend time alone with bub. 2 – big air tight tubs but you might find things with elastic got a little funny. Some of my daughters stuff looked brand new but the elastic was a little crunchy and whites dont always stay white. 3 – Not sure if she does baptism candles as well but try Summerland Candles Brenda
  • I have the same age gap with my 2 and decided not to have any help, apart from my hubby. Mainly cuz when he went back to work i wouldnt have any and my MIL couldnt be there everyday. So i just sucked it up and did it myself. My hubby also had a broken wrist at the point so he wasnt a lot of help. Its much easier at that age as dd2 just slept and dd1 and i were able to play. I tried not to get into a habit of napping when dd2 was sleeping as i knew my body would get used to it and id pay for it later. Honestly…2 is easier than 1! Ashlea
  • Anytime is gd time for help.If you can only choose one week I would consider the first week ur home to help you get adjusted to sleep deprivation and look after ur older child, cook, do laundry etc and make sure that ur bonding with bub. Jodi
  • With both my first and second hubby had 2 weeks off then my mum had another 2 weeks. We are expecting our 3rd and she will take another 2 weeks off to help out. It was the best thing all the way from cleaning up to getting me out of the house which I was very afraid of. Renae
  • with my first, my mum came to stay for a month when baby was a week old. I was really grateful and she helped so much It depends the kind of relationship you have with your mum Jennifer
  • I have a 3 year old and a 6 week old, all I can say is ‘what’s sleep?’. Its not easy but neither of mine like sleep, fingers crossed you get a sleeper! Good luck. Natalie
  • After 4 weeks it was getting harder to manage, good luck! Rannie
  • it’s nice to have someone there early for those baby blues stages Sharon
  • We have identical twin 5 year olds (I am actually their step mum but we have had full custody of them since they were 3 but this was technically my first baby) so I had mum here for a few days as I had a category 8 emergency cesarean (me and bub pretty much both died and I am now high risk for an early uterus rupture should I ever have a baby again) so she could help out with school for the boys and carry bub up n down our stairs for me etc.. and in all honesty I feel terrible saying this but was so relieved when she left and we could get into our family routine with the new bub.. I felt empowered getting back into being a mum as I had been in hospital for over 2 weeks and had an extremely reduced recovery time.. I guess it’s different for everyone but was great to figure out our own routine straight away and helped bub settle in to our family perfectly.. Madalyn
  • I had my mum for 2 days after my 2nd was born ( i went over due by 5 days and she had stayed to look after 1st bub when giving birth. I came home 6 hours after he was born ) he had to go back to work. ( lives 5 hours away ) and with my 3rd i had her around a week before bub was born, she came to stay on my due date and i went 8 days over due. And she went home about a week later. My hubby was only able to have 2 days off with each of my babies so i reallg needed her and glad she was there so i could bond with baby and establish breast-feeding. Amie
  • The first 6 weeks are the hardest especially breastfeeding I had my partner for 2 weeks home from work then my grandmother for a week after that an extra 3 weeks would have been gold I was in alot of pain breastfeeding Elle

    When did you ask for help when your second baby was born, comments below

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