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How Busy Mums Can Save on their Health Insurance

save on health insurance

Giving your budget a boost of more than $600 each year without too much effort, sounds attractive, right now doesn’t it? For many families money is tighter than ever this year so the ability to create extra savings is a real win!

Last year, thousands of Australians made the health insurance switch for an instant budget boost, if you haven’t already, here’s how you can too. Everyone wants to save on health insurance… right?!

Health insurance is a necessary cost for Australian families. It’s peace of mind and means if something happens you can access the very best care you want for your loved ones. Of course, when the purse strings tighten, health insurance is a large slice of the family budget – but what if we were to suggest you could make big savings while maintaining your all-important care? It’s time to… compare!

Comparing to save on health insurance

The numbers speak for themselves. By comparing health insurance policies, Health Insurance Comparison helped 3,549 families save an average of $603.03 last year.

What would you do with an extra $600 in your household? From home improvements to a sneaky weekend away – you’re spoilt for choice! At the simplest level, if a daily caffeine fix from your local cafe is your idea of a little treat, a $600 saving means your next 150 coffees are free!

save on health insurance

Making it easy to save on health insurance

Don’t be deterred that changing is hard – it’s absolutely not! Traditionally, with so many clauses, features, coverage levels and variations, it has been difficult to compare health insurance policies. There are literally thousands to choose from and the “best” policy is going to be different for every family. The good news however is that comparing is actually easier than you could imagine.

By using Health insurance Comparison, an 100% Australian team can make the comparison process quick and easy. The health insurance policies that don’t suit your family or needs are quickly filtered out, leaving just those that are worth comparing in your personal circumstances. The simple, relevant results mean you can then quickly and effectively compare policies, side by side, to choose the best policy – potentially save your family hundreds of dollars!

One you’ve selected the best policy for you it’s easy to make the switch online. If you think you’d still like to speak to someone for more information there’s a real person waiting to assist you at the other end of the phone. Really… it’s that easy!

save on health insurance

4 things about health insurance you might not know (but should!)

Thinking of making the switch. Here’s what you need to know when you’re reviewing and comparing your health insurance;

1. There’s no waiting:

You won’t need to observe waiting periods if you take out equivalent cover. This means you can still save without worrying about how switching with affect your extras.

2. Excess up to premium down:

Choosing a higher excess option is a way to lower your premiums. The more your excess – the amount you contribute to a claim – the lower your premium.

3. Always have ambulance

If you want to avoid the possibility of a hefty ambulance bill, make sure you tick the ambulance cover option. In some states, even a short ambulance ride can cost you over a thousand dollars.

4. Avoid loading by not delaying:

Once you turn 31, you will be hit by Lifetime Health Cover loading if you don’t take out hospital cover. This means if you take out hospital cover after you’re 31, you’ll be hit with a 2% loading on top of your premium for every year you’re over 30. To avoid this, you’ll need to take out hospital cover by July 1, following your 31st

What are you waiting for? And how would you spend that $600 saving? Find out if you too can save hundreds by getting a better deal on health insurance. Compare now.

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