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How to get baby to take bottle

how to get baby to take bottleI breast feed my 14week old son. I express milk for him and now he won’t take it from a bottle. How do I get him to take a bottle again?

  • Just keep trying, my son was the same, took about 2 weeks but he takes one now Kasie
  • My daughter was the same. We had success with pigeon bottles, the wide neck. After trying 7 different types.Just persist with it. Get someone else to try when you aren’t there.if she smells you she won’t want it. Then once she takes a bottle, give her one every day/second day to get her used to it. We stopped and she forgot what to do so that’s where our problem started. Brooke
  • Have you tried the medela bottle with the medela Carma teat? It’s meant to work the same as a breast as the baby has to work to get the milk out like it would a breast Heidi
  • My girl did this! I had to try her with different bottles! She then eventually took tommee tippee closer to nature They’re flexible like the breast Charlotte
  • We had the same problem, he eventually took it with persistence. Couple of tips that worked for us – let someone else give the bottle not you as they can smell your milk, make sure they are super hungry so the are more likely to take it, try with fresh milk not frozen at the start. Good luck! Renee
  • my son is 4.5 months old.. Did the same thing! Try different bottles (pigeon I found was the best!), and get someone else to give him a bottle (dad, caregiver), not mum. My son just smiled at me and thought it was a game when I tried. Megan
  • Whatever brand you’re using, is it fast flowing enough? My daughter refused a bottle until we switched to a medium flow nipple. We use Tommee Tippee. Kandice
  • I had the same problem from the same age. I tried everything from expensive bottles to $2 bottles. Me giving it, dad, nan, aunty. Nothing! He is now 5mths, I used pigeon brand all in one sippy cup teat thing and he took it. Leonie
  • How to get baby to take bottle. Get someone else to bottle feed Bub….he know you as the one with the breasts!!!! Lynda
  • Been trying for ages, my DD is 5months shell randomly take a bottle, every now and then but either fights it or plays with it. Tried various bottles Belinda
  • Same problem here. Son loved pigeon wide neck and drank anything coming his way. My 5 month girl wants boob only. Did take pigeon a few times in early days. Now doesn’t take it or tomeetipee & waiting for adiri bottle from America. Already back at work going crazy running home to breastfeed. Della
  • Check the teat is the right flow rate, might be too slow? We use pigeon teats with Avent bottles Joanne
  • try dr Browns bottles Sherree
  • This was my Bub from 10 weeks old, tried different bottles & tears, not being in the room etc. I then bought the minbie bottle which mimics breastfeeding and now she takes it no problem. Good luck! Tamarah
  • Start breast feeding and part way through unlatch and put him on the bottle. And be consistent once he takes the bottle again, by giving at least one bottle a day. We didn’t do that and his poor preschool had to retrain him when he started. Diane

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