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I was wondering if I could get some baby shower ideas?

Baby shower ideas

  • My best friend and I did the same thing for each other’s showers. In the invites we asked everyone to bring their favorite childhood book to start the baby’s library. Both of our daughters now have the most stunning books and each are a keepsake. I found it so special and something that my daughter can ALWAYS treasure Hannah
  • Mum & Bub teething jewellery stylish for mum and practical for bub! www.littlemdesigns.com.au (they also have free shipping code teethingfreeship) Melanie
  • I found pintrest fantastic for ideas for our baby shower. Enjoy the celebration Racquel
  • My friends did guess the cotton balls in a jar. Also asked my hubby questions and had me see if I could get the same answer. Celebrity baby names guess is a good one too. We had an afternoon tea. To make it easier you can ask everyone to bring a plate to share. Kylie
  • Buy some cheap plain white singlets &/or bibs & some fabric markers & get all the guest to write a message or draw something on one each. They make a great keepsake. Michelle
  • Nappy folding comp, guess the cotton balls in the jar, estimate tummy size, memory(baby things), baby name bingo. Finish the nursery rhyme, how many pegs can you remove from clothesline at a time, pin the baby cutout on the pregnant tummy cutout. Google has many good ideas. I the baby shower shop has good themes. Michelle

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