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Community question: How to keep baby warm at night

Just wondering how everyone is keeping their babies warm at night without any heating? My son’s room gets to about 14 degrees! He sleeps with a singlet flannelette pyjamas and a 2.5 tog sleeping bag! But is waking up early at 4 every morning! And I’m thinking it might be the temp!

keeping babies warm at night - tips on how do you keep baby warm at night


  • I would invest in a column heater and a 100% wool blanket (cot size) from Baby Bunting. Emma
  • Put several cotton bamboo blankets on top of the 2.5 tog bag. Mine sleeps with 6, plus a long sleeve bodysuit and full length onesie, sheets, bag and room at 20 degrees. Gro-bags etc are not warm enough at all and an average adult quilt is around 15 tog, you do the math. Kirstie
  • I would be putting bub in a singlet, Bonds Wondersuit so hands and feet are covered, then flannelette PJs and a 2.5 tog sleep bag. Laura
  • I put my bub in singlet, onesie, wrap and then a blanket. According to Save our Sleep book by Tizzie Hall the coldest part is at 4am and that’s when they will wake. Just put more blankets on your bub Cassie
  • My kids have that and a spencer on. Then a blanket over the sleeping bag once I go to bed around midnight and a oil heater in the room on very low< just to take the chill off the room. I like to keep the room at 17+ ish Megan
  • My daughter is in a 3.5 tog, long sleeve vest, a Gro-suit & I’ve got an oil heater in her room on a timer that’s just hot enough to take the chill out the air without baking her. Her room sits at about 18-20 deg. My daughter is a very active sleeper so blankets are a no go for us. Might be worth investing in one. Tamarah
  • We use an oil heater in his room and he sleeps in a Peter Alexander bear onesie in these super cold nights. They are thick, lined and keep him toasty warm. Works a treat for my super wriggly boy Yasmin
  • My daughters room gets to about the same temp sometimes a bit lower! She sleeps in a singlet and long sleeve shirt body suit with flannelette pj’s on and socks. She has a soft blanket underneath her and a single bed quilt in her cot with a flannelette quilt cover which keeps her nice and toasty warm

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