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This mum took Christmas NEXT LEVEL – Lapland Christmas adventures!

Brisbane mum Jenna took Christmas next level – by taking  five year old Lelia to meet Santa – at home!  Mums are going CRAZY for the family holiday of a life time to the town of Akaslompolo, in Lappi (aka Lapland), Finland where kids can meet the REAL Santa and head out on a winter adventure of a life time.  So what’s involved in a Lapland Christmas?  How much does it cost? Can you do it in 2018 – read on Santa fans!

Lapland Christmas - Snowballs with mum

Lapland Christmas airport transfers

Guaranteed the only airport transfer like it in all the world!  Head out to Lapland on your own ski-mobile.  Bit chilly, remember a coat!  In fact, it’s an “invigorating” -26 degrees out on the road.  Of course, there’s also a heated bus…

On arrival, you’ll be treated to a traditional welcome ceremony and then it’s time to decide what to do first.  There’s skiing, boarding and sledding of course, but there’s a few other ways to keep the little ones entertained in this magical Lapland Christmas wonderland.

Lapland Christmas Husky Rides

How about a husky tour?  Head out into winter landscape with these puppers as your tour guides!   Maybe drill into the ice and catch yourself a fresh fish dinner?  Visit a reindeer zoo for some cuddles? A Christmas in Lapland is not your average family escape!

Night Life in Lapland…

While you won’t be hitting the clubs in Santa’s village, there’s some spectacular stars on display and, if you’re there at the right time, you might just be treated to a must-see bucket list display of spectacular northern lights.

Northern Lights in Santa's Village

Accommodation in Lapland

It wouldn’t be a real visit to Santa’s village if you stayed in a standard hotel.  Welcome to accommodation, Akaslompolo style!  Your own cabin in the winter wonderland that is every bit as magical as the village itself.  The whole village is arranged to inspire little imaginations and feel like a real Santa adventure.

Accommodation in Lapp, Santa's Village in Finland

Fancy something…fancy?  You can also opt to stay at the local “ice hotel” – think of it as a spacious igloo where all mod cons are included!

ice hotel lapland

The big day – meeting THE REAL Santa

Lapland Christmas

All aboard your reindeer drawn sleigh for a journey to Santa’s own home out in the Finland wilderness.  Your little one gets to ride along behind a friendly reindeer (no red noses unless it’s super chilly out!) to meet up with the real Santa.

Santa's Shack, Lapland, Finland

When Leila met Santa, he presented her with a gift and talked to her all about her home and Christmas wishes.  Leila’s face says it all!  Don’t forget to get your photo taken in front of the actual Christmas tree in Santa’s home town.

Santa's Christmas Tree

How much does it cost to take the kids to Santa’s Village, Lapland in Finland?

The tours are all organised for you, including snowmobile transfer, accommodation, meals, activities, winter wear and of course, magic!  A seven day tour for a family of four will set you back $12000 plus flights and can be organised through Melbourne travel agency 50 degrees north.

Travel tips from mum Jenna for the ultimate Lapland Christmas

Top tips from Jenna?

  • Book your Lapland Christmas adventure in advance, so you can choose the exact package you want.  There are shorter packages and Christmas is absolutely peak season.  Booking early means you can design your ultimate Lapland Christmas itinerary
  • Local foods are… interesting – prepare kids to try something a bit different (but there are definitely kid friendly foods available)
  • Take kids aged 4+ – as it’s extremely cold for little people!
  • It’s a 22+ hour flight (depending on the airline) so break it up with a few stops along the way… Lapland is a long way from Australia!

Are you considering a Lapland Christmas for your little ones this year?  Have you been?  We’d love to hear your hints, tips and insights!

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