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When did your little one drop to one nap a day?

When did your baby drop to 1 napWhen do Babies Drop to 1 Nap?

  • My dd dropped down to 1 nap at 9mths Alicia
  • My baby girl did at 12 months (today actually) usually still has a shorter morning nap & then a longer nap in the arvo but she is a child that doesn’t cope well when she is tired. If your little one copes ok with one nap a day, just ride with it xx Allison
  • If it’s only every now and then, don’t sweat it, put her into bed a bit earlier. My son dropped to one nap around 16 months. He would love to drop that final nap now and play all day but he’s not ready and I make sure he has the nap in his room 5 or 6 days a week. Dinner and bath are very hard on no nap days and I always put him to bed am hour or two earlier. Kara
  • My now 23mo girl dropped down to one nap at about 18mo. She has a three hour sleep when her baby sister does Katiee
  • The recommendation isn’t til 12-18 months I believe but if it works for you as a family and bubs is happy then why not. I would suggest that 1.5 hrs for the day wouldn’t be enough when they go down for one nap a day it’s generally for 2-2.5 hrs so maybe try for that. I learnt this all at sleep school and they did say that it may seem like there coping but if they don’t get good day sleeps it can affect their night sleeps. I use their methods with my 10.5 month old and it works for him but I know others people with same age bubs they do a completely different routine and it works for them. It needs to work for you and your family good luck Natasha
  • My just turned one year old started having one day sleep from about 9 months I pushed it back til after lunch and he sleeps anywhere from 1.5-3 hours!! Do what suits you the best n bubs of course Tash
  • My twins both continued to have 2 naps til about 18 months 1-2 hours. 1st sleep was about 3- 3.5 hours after waking and then again 3-4 hrs after the first sleep. Sometimes it would stretch out longer between sleeps. Mine also slept DS- 12-13hrs at night and DD – was a terrible sleeper with GORD (BAD REFLUX) I didn’t change their sleeping habits until they let me know. Not falling asleep as easy, or waking quicker than usual time. Now they both have 1 sleep after lunch anywhere from 45mins – 3 hrs (2yrs old). I believe that sleep is important for growth and to help with behaviour. So trial 1 sleep and see how she goes over a period of a week. If bub starts getting grumpy or whingy then maybe bub isn’t ready for just one sleep. If there is no change in behaviour then you have your answer. All the best x Shannon
  • My baby dropped to 1 nap at 13 months, earlier then expected. Jas
  • Mine is 9mths and dropped to 1 sleep (around 2hrs) recently… Kelly
  • Both mine were about 11 months when they went to 1 sleep Amy
  • My 28 month old has had one sleep since 12 months. Bed at 8-8.30pm and sleeps till 6-6.30 and has nap anywhere between 11 and 2 for anywhere from 30min – 2 hours. I found that trying to force her to sleep was a battle so I just let her go.Leigh
  • My 12 month old wakes at the same time, 6.30-7. Then she goes down at about 10 and sleeps for 2 & 1/2 hours. At night she is usually in bed asleep by 6.30pm. She did the same, started fighting the arvo sleep so I just pushed out her morning sleep from 9 till 10 Carlie
  • My now 22 month old dropped his second nap at around 15 months. The last couple of months I stretched his 10.30 nap to lunch time. So now he has lunch and goes down for a nap. Much better. Julie
  • Most toddlers drop to one nap around 16mo but anytime after 12mo is within the ‘normal’ range. I’d try to keep him up a little later each day until his morning sleep is beginning around 11:30. Once he adjusts to the one nap you can move it later – my 20mo dd dropped to one nap at 14mo and now starts her nap anytime between 11:30-1, depending on our activities for the day (early nap on the days I help out in my boys classroom at school). If he is fighting the second nap then it’s time to drop one. Nicole
  • Pretty much 14 months. Put him to bed around 11.30-12 so he wouldn’t get too tired. Sarah
  • My daughter dropped to one nap at 11 months. She wakes anywhere from 6.30-8.30, breakfast soon after, 11am big snack (yoghurt, fruit, crackers), sleep at 11.30am. Sleeps 1.5-2.5 hours then wakes and has some lunch, bed at 7-7.30. Tanya
  • My daughter dropped to 1 sleep at 15 months. She started refusing the afternoon nap so I pushed her morning sleep to 11, then 11.30 and now 12. She sleeps better at night (bed at 7) and has a 2 hr sleep during the day! Krystin
  • My daughter is 16months and was the same. Around 1 month ago we dropped to 1 sleep. 6.30ish Woke 12 sleep (almost 2 1/2hrs) bed 7pm. Found it improved the day sleep a lot. Good luck Emma
  • We were 1 sleep from 12mths. Just try and push that first sleep out to 11.30-12ish and he/she should be right. Lauren
  • My son dropped about 14mths to 1 sleep and has a day sleep for about 2hrs now! so give it a go and stretch his morning sleep out!! Sarah
  • My toddler dropped to one sleep at 16 months so you’re probably right Joanne
  • My 15 month old has just dropped to one sleep a day she was doing 6:30pm till 7am then 9am till 10:30am then 1-3pm. One day I just kept her up fed lunch at 11am not 12 and put her down at 12 along with her 3yr brother and she slept till 4pm then went to bed at 7pm. Works really well for us now I just have to get lunch in earlier as if I don’t she is overtired then she wakes early cause she is hungry. Def sounds like your little man is ready for one sleep. Natalee
  • My little man did this now 16 months try stretching him out to 11 am – go for a walk what ever to just get him later. And then you will find he might sleep 11-2 then bed at 7 Jimilla
  • I wouldn’t fight for the nap! He is having plenty of sleep in my opinion! My 2 yr old sleeps 12-13 hrs a night and 2-3 during the day! He’s done this since he turned 1! Lacey


 When do babies drop to 1 nap in your experience?

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