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Organix Toddler Snack Foods: Review

Organix goodieaAs parents, we all know from experience that little ones seem to be constantly hungry.  Some days, it feels like breakfast has only just finished when the cries of, ‘Mummy, I’m hungry’ begin and you find yourself dumbfounded that your child could possibly feel like something else to eat. Finding suitable snacks for those ‘in-between meal times’ can often be challenging. Preparing homemade meals can be time consuming enough without having to consider anything additional. However, dieticians actually agree that toddlers NEED to snack healthily throughout the day as their tummies simply aren’t big enough to take on board all that they require from just three meals. Eating little and often in order to top up their intake of nutrients and making sure to include a mix of sweet and savoury flavours is important.

Thankfully Organix have a range of snack foods suitable for children aged 12 months and over which are perfect for those times when you need something convenient to tide your little one over until the next meal, without filling them up on unnecessary or unhealthy junk .  Organix have suitable snack foods no matter the occasion, whether it be as lunchbox fillers or for keeping toddlers happy on grocery shopping trips. When your child’s mood indicates that hunger may be creeping in, having a snack on hand can be a life saver.

We’ve tried several of the Organix snack products out with our little taste tester. Here’s what we sampled and our thoughts on each…

Organix Goodies Corn Puffs

Organix goodies - corn puffsThese light and crispy puffs use corn which has been baked rather than fried and come in a small packet adequately sized for toddlers to hold themselves. They are mildly flavoured with vegetables or cheese and a sprinkling of herbs.  Containing no added salt, each packet has a subtle hint of flavour, just enough for a young child to enjoy. Texturally they dissolve easily but leave a slight messy residue of seasoning on little fingers. While our taste tester happily enjoyed all three flavours of corn puffs, the ‘Saucy Tomato Noughts & Crosses’ flavour was the most popular with its playful shapes adding a cute dimension to this tasty snack.  The other two flavours of corn puffs were also delicious, with the ‘Cheese & Herb’ packet being milder and the ‘Carrot Stix’ being the preferred flavour among the adults with its slight hint of carrot.

Organix Goodies Animal Biscuits

Organix goodieaThese tasty biscuits are made from wholemeal wheat flour, grape juice and added vitamin B1 and are ideal for toddlers wanting a sweet treat without the need to resort to sugar laden alternatives.  The 100g box contains several fun farm animal shapes (cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and horses) with the pack large enough to keep on hand in the pantry for use as needed. These cute biscuits would visually appeal to little ones and are not overly crumbly.  While a bit plain to adult tastebuds, these were a definite winner with our taste tester.

Organix Goodies Mini Oaty Bites

Organix oaty bitesThis 110g pack comes with 11 individually wrapped bites in two flavours – raspberry and apple as well as apple and orange.  Containing juicy raisins and wholegrain oats in an ideal, bite-sized portion, they can be easily carried about in nappy bags or the car for those ’just in case’ times. Crumbly yet still moist in texture, they are sweet and with more obvious flavours than the other products we tried. The ‘Apple & Orange’ bites had a definite hint of citrus with the ‘Raspberry & Apple’ sample being the milder of the two.

Organix goodies - corn puffsAs with all Organix products, these come with a NO JUNK promise, giving peace of mind to parents looking for tasty snacks using organic ingredients and no unnecessary additives. They are packaged in bright wrappers and colourful boxes which make use of eye-catching graphics.

All of these  Organix products are readily available in Australia, with Woolworths stocking the Carrot Stix, Cheese & Herb Puffs and Tomato Noughts & Crosses (RRP $2) and Coles stocking the Carrot Stix, Tomato Noughts & Crosses (RRP $2), Mini Oaty Bites (RRP $5.99) and Farm Animal Biscuits (RRP $4.40).

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