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Mother’s Day Craft: 10 Simple Projects

Nothing melts Mum’s heart more (or granny’s) than something made with love. As the saying goes, the simple things in life are often the best and these 10 craft projects will more than confirm this.
From crowns to make Mum feel like a queen to handprints made into wall-worthy art (and 8 other projects in between) you’ll find plenty of mothers day crafting inspiration below!
mothers day craft

Love You To Pieces Card Mother’s Day Card

Adorable, simple and sure to take pride of place on Mum’s bookshelf this is a simple project that you can make with materials from around the home. Mum will love it. No doubt. Find the tutorial here.


Job tree mothers day craft

On Mother’s Day, help is always welcome! 

Not too tricky to make and an idea Mum will surely appreciate, this clever flower-pot hosts a poem that reads ‘Pick a flower and I will do a very special job for you‘.
This is ideal for older children who understand the value of giving Mum their time – they can give a true gift without digging into their pocket-money. And let’s be frank, who wouldn’t like to have a little more help around the house!? Find the tutorial here.

Mother's Day CrownCrown her the Mother’s Day Queen of your home! 

Small children will love this simple craft. Easy to decorate they will delight in the joy of crowning mum the queen of her own domain! No doubt you’ll need to make more than one as her little princess’ and princes will want to be part of the headwear action! If you are hosting granny as well why not make them part of the Mothers Day lunch table setting? Nothing sets the tone for fun like a silly hat. Find the tutorial here.


Mothers day craft footprints Mother’s Day Footprint Art

Using materials from your local discount store, this cheap to make but big on impact art will be treasured for years to come. Mum will delight in remembering how small her kids’ feet once were – remember to note the year on it for future reference. Yes, there’s a little bit of mess for this one – we recommend you create it outside!


mothers day craftShower Mum with pretty handmade paper flowers

Perfect for older girls or boys to undertake as a project, this craft is absolutely gorgeous. Not difficult to make but definitely fiddly these would be the ideal choice for bigger kids who enjoy being crafty. The results are worth the effort! Display them in glass jars or vessels you collect from around the home.  Find the tutorial here.


mothers day bookmark A Mother’s Day Bookmark with Fingerprints

If Mum is a bookworm there’s no better gift than something to save her place in her latest novel. Made with a cute poem and tiny fingerprints to create a flower this is a clever idea that’s sure to be a winner.
The text reads, ‘I made you a flower with my finger and thumb, so you can have these memories for years to come…’ Naaaaaw. Find the tutorial here.


Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 6.38.49 pmBound to be Mum’s ‘Cup of Tea’

Budget-friendly and able to be quickly assembled with items from around the house, this cutie is the emergency option for anyone that needs a Mothers Day present quick! With a little message which reads ‘I’ll try my best in every way, to be extra sweet on Mothers Day, but if you become upset with me, please relax and have a cup of tea..!’  Maybe a simple “Sit back and relax mum, you’ve earned it!” is more your style (it’s more mine!) but the idea is cute either way! Find the information here.


mothersday_handprintCreate Mother’s Day Art!

There is so many version of what can be created with children’s hand-prints but this one that becomes a framed art piece is our favourite.  Frames from Ikea, Kmart or your local cheapie shop cost only a few dollars but the framing really adds the wow factor taking it from craft – to art! Find the template & tutorial here.


mothers Day craft Tell her you love her…. thiiiiiis much!

Easy to make, cute on impact and one the kids will enjoy assembling, this clever piece uses just your craft paper from your home and takes only a few minutes.

It’s sense of fun will mean the children understand and appreciate the idea of what they have crafted (something that on trickier projects is not always possible!) You can find the tutorial here.

And saving the best for last…. the I love my mummy jar!

Mothers day craftFor us, this is the favourite.

Simple to make and almost sure to make mum well up with those big, salty sentimental tears. Who wouldn’t want to receive a jar of reasons why they are held dear to their little person? Help your little one create a “Why I Love You Jar” (also great for grandma) or older children can write these themselves. Sure to be treasured and re-lived for many years to come. Find the tutorial here.

More Mother’s Day ideas

From us to you – Happy Mother’s Day Crafting! If you have another idea for Mother’s Day Craft please share it below.

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