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New toys review: Chrono Bomb and Pass The Pen

My kids love playing games so were very lucky to receive a package of games to review from Talkin Toys.

You can WIN all the toys in this review!

ONE lucky family will WIN all 3 games delivered to them within Australia, read on to find out how to enter!

Chrono Bomb

We started with Chrono Bomb.  The kids (my secret spys) were keen to get started, but it took a little while to navigate the instructions and set up.  There are a series of clamps that we attached to chairs and a string line that runs between all of the clamps.   It takes a little bit of fiddling to ensure that all of the lines are set up in the right way.  Note that this game requires 3 AAA batteries, luckily we always tend to have plenty of spares.

And then the fun begins.

The string lines represents the laser field that needs to be navigated to diffuse the bomb in time.   Our laser field criss-crossed back and forth to increase the challenge.  My secret agents weaved in and out of the laser field.

chrono bomb

Mums verdict: 

This game is unlike anything we have played before and gets them physical and plotting how to navigate the course and how we can set it up next time to increase the challenge.  The opportunities are fairly endless to vary the course.   I like that you can play this with only 1 player or as many people as want to join in.  It isn’t always easy to find someone who wants to play the same game.

Kids verdict: 8/10.

“I loved playing this but wish mum set it up quicker.  I like the buzzing sound when you touch the wire.  It was a fun challenge. ”

Pass The Pen

This game really appealed to my kids and had us all giggling and waiting for our turn.   It comes straight out of the box ready to play and requires no batteries.  The pen has a retractable nip that allows you to draw for 10 or 15 seconds before it disappears.  I was playing with young children so we had it set at 15 seconds.

pass the pen

Simply roll the dice and select the word matching the colour on the dice.  You have 15 seconds to draw the word or action on the card before the nib on the pen disappears.  We modified the game and allowed the children to have several turns drawing.  The 5 year old had 4 goes, the 7 year old 3 goes, the 9 year old 2 goes and poor mum had 1 go.  If no-one guesses what you drew then the next person looks at the card and uses your picture to keep drawing and those who have not yet drawn keep guessing.

This game requires at least 3 players to work and larger groups would make this more fun.  It would work as a good game for a birthday party for older kids.

pass the pen game

It is lots of fun and a fairly fast moving game where everyone is involved and drawing.  Even my 5 year old played, although I will admit that her pictures were not always easy to decipher.  My 7 year old was much more capable of reading all the words and drawing sketches that we could recognise.

Mum’s verdict:

This is a great game for a rainy day and will help develop active imaginations and creativity.  I liked that this game doesn’t have teams as sometimes it can be hard to pair young children up and frustration tends to ensue.   We had to work around the kids not knowing some of the objects/actions, however most items we could draw.

Kids verdict: 9/10 

“We loved playing this and want mum to play it again soon.  The pen goes away very quickly so you need to draw very fast.”

pass the pen closeup

Rubix Cube

An oldy but a goody.  My 9 year old and I were really excited to receive a Rubix’s Cube and she got straight in to mixing it up to be unrecognisable.  The difference between now and the last time I tried a Rubix’s Cube?  Google.  Lets not pretend that either of us has managed to solve it yet but we are closer than I have ever been.  We have one side that is all white.

Who knows maybe we will have it solved soon… Its all part of the challenge.

Mum’s verdict:

I love that this is something that we cannot solve straight away.  It encourages persistence, strategic thinking and independent play.

Kids Verdict: 7/10. 

“This is lots of fun and I was so happy to solve one side.  Not sure we can solve the rest.  It is good for something to do when I don’t have anyone to play with.”

rubix's cube

rubix's cube win

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