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Paw Patrol kid’s party ideas

It seems that many kids choose their favourite TV show as their birthday party theme (we’ve already had Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly and this year it was Paw Patrol!). Paw Patrol has fast become one of the most popular TV shows for children aged 3-6 and there are so many unique party ideas out there. We’ve gathered a few of our favourites to get the ball rolling…

paw patrol birthday party ideas

Let me start by saying that I’m a firm believer that colours, toys, themes and TV shows can be for children of either gender. I discourage my children and students from hearing/believing statements such as “that’s a girls colour”, or “that’s a boys TV show”… Paw Patrol can certainly be a great party theme for boys or girls, without having to make everything “Skye” and pink for a girl – unless that’s what they want of course. For my daughter’s recent 4th birthday, we went quite gender neutral and just made everything colourful!

Paw Patrol birthday party invitations

Paw Patrol birthday party Invitation

Once you’ve got your date & venue for the party decided and booked in, you’ll need to get onto the invitations with enough time for them to be sent out (usually a month in advance I’d say). I usually check out Etsy for mine, and then receive a digital file to go and print them myself. A big time saver as opposed to ordering and waiting for them to be designed, printed and then posted to you. Here’s a cute Paw Patrol example of the one we used.

Paw Patrol birthday party cakes & cupcakes

Paw patrol birthday cake and cupcakes

Thanks to my amazing sister in law, she made this awesome Rubble construction cake for Miss M. Compared to a cake with fondant icing, I’m told it wasn’t too difficult. So if you’d like to make your own cake rather than going to a professional this could be a great option! Any type of cake works as the base, then simply place icing around the edge with Kit Kats as the frame (leaving a space), cover the top with M&Ms with some spilling out through the gap, and place Rubble on the top in his vehicle.

This cup cake idea inspired by Good Food Week – to use a mini Oreo and Malteasers as cute little paw prints to decorate cup cakes. These were a big hit at the party and I’m proud to say I made them myself.

paw patrol birthday cup cakes

Some other fun food ideas include; “pup corn” (popcorn), blue jelly as puppy water bowls, or any thing in the shape of a doggy bone or served in doggy bowls.

Paw Patrol birthday party activities

Depending on the location and type of party you’re having, you might need to organise some activities and/or games to keep the kids occupied. Our party was at our local kindergym which was awesome! But I decided we might need a quiet colouring in table for kids who needed a rest or were getting a bit overwhelmed. These Paw Patrol colouring in pages were perfect!

paw patrol birthday party activities - colouring sheets

Another fun idea is to print off and laminate some large paw prints to create a trail for the children to follow. Either as an entry the party or as a fun treasure hunt game! Our favourite party game is always musical statues, and no party would be complete without a piñata! You could even decide to do a Paw Patrol dress up party which would be quite easy for your guests – even if they were to simply wear a Paw Patrol T-shirt which you can find in most major stores.

A great spin on the traditional “pin the tail on the donkey” game is to “pin the badge on Chase”. We found ours from Toys R Us along with these other goodies…

paw patrol birthday party activities

All the other things for the ultimate Paw Patrol birthday party

Just to make life easier for myself this year, we headed to Toys R Us  to gather all those other party items we needed; plates, cups, napkins, balloons and other decorations. Miss M really got involved in helping make the choices and plan her party.

I found some fantastic FREE printables from Delicate Construction – including cake toppers, badges, water bottle labels and food labels. There are so many small details to think of when you’re planning a party! So it helps if someone else has done the hard part for you.

Doggy Bags: Take home bags for your Paw Patrol birthday party

A fun alternative to your usual party bags is to thank friends for coming at the end of the Paw Patrol party are “doggy bags”. There are heaps of non-sugar alternatives to put in your doggy bags, which a lot of parents appreciate – especially after all of the treat food that has been consumed at the party! Try play dough, paw print stampers, bubbles, bouncy balls, glow sticks, crayons or pencils, stickers, mini books, cookie cutter, fairy wand and many more!

(PS, parents also appreciate toys that don’t make noise lol!).


There are so many unique ideas out there for common party themes. Parents these days are going to several birthday parties per month, so it’s always a good idea to mix it up and make your party stand out from the crowd!

Get inspired with other party theme ideas such as a Lego party or a rainbow party.

What was the theme of the last kid’s birthday party you hosted?

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