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Easy DIY Christmas Gifts For Teachers And Day Carers

Our teachers put so much effort and care into teaching our children, so it’s great to find a way to say ‘Thank you’ as the year draws to a close. Here are some great ideas for Easy DIY Christmas gifts for teachers (for more inspiration, make sure you check out our Pinterest Board)

Personalised Gifts

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or spend hours making something special for your child’s teacher – a bit of personalisation has a big impact and adds a special touch.

 (source: Etsy)

(source: Finding Pins and Needles)

Edible gifts

Teachers (especially those in primary school) receive a lot of gifts – and when they’ve been teaching for a while they all add up! Keepsakes are nice, but gifts that are designed to be consumed can be far more practical, and they don’t need to find somewhere to keep it, or feel bad about throwing it away.

(source: Its Overflowing)

(source: A Day in the Life of a Bored Navy Wife)

Humorous Gifts

If you want a non-edible alternative (let’s face it, teachers get given a lot of those too), humorous gifts are a great option – easy to do but better than a card, and they’re a great way of recognising how hard our teachers work.


Gifts for the classroom

Classrooms are often rich in visual inspiration, both for the students and the teacher. Give them something that will inspire them next year when they take on a whole new class of students.

(source: eighteen25)

(source: Giggles Galore)

(source: Create, Celebrate, Explore)

Gifts from the Class

If your school has a small class or you know the other parents fairly well, you could put together a gift from the whole class – something that can be put on display, used or kept as a keepsake to remember that year’s students by.


(source: Flickr)

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What are you getting your kids’ teachers this year? What have you done in the past?

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