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plane travel wth baby - 10 months old1. Just wondering if any of you can help me as we are flying next week I’m wondering what to do with My 10 month old when landing should I put her on the boob to stop her ears going funny or give her something to eat or just leave it?

2. We have a 10 month old boy that will be going his 1st plane for a 5hr trip next month. I hate flying & get very anxious normally on my own but I’m already stressing about flying with him in case he screams & Is unhappy. He is a pretty chilled baby but just doesn’t like to stay still for long. Anyone else been in a plane with their babies & any tips to help put my mind at ease?

  •  Put her on the boob for takeoff and landing or something to chew on. Water. I always take tiger balm on fights with me and the kids helps with ears by smelling it and rubbing a little on the temples. Good luck.   Jenna-lee
  •  Dummy works just as well as boob, at 10 months having them in the seat belt on lap while feeding is tricky. A water bottle, Teething rusk or food if they don’t have a dummy.   Marieka
  •  I found putting my daughter on the breast to feed during takeoff and landing was most effective.   Felicity
  •  Last week I flew from Gold Coast to Perth with my 10mo. I put him on the boob during takeoff and he went to sleep for the duration of the flight. We use a dummy for sleep so I also had this on hand. We also flew to Sydney when he was 20 weeks and I did the same thing. Friends have advised me to give Panadol before boarding to help incase their ears pop. Just try to keep your little one sucking… Boob… Dummy… Food… Whatever you think will work best. I hope this helps.   Tess
  •  Yea I’d just put bub on the boob, my sons only 9weeks old but he’s bottle fed so I just gave him a dummy when he started giving fidgety taking off and landing. He slept the whole way the first time, but the second time he cried a bit, think I should have gotten a bottle out before I sat down lol   Sharni
  •  Definitely have something for bubba to suck on. My DD wasn’t breastfed but she has flown a fair bit and we gave her a dummy for takeoff and landing. She slept the whole flight every time.   Katiee
  •  I have flown with a young bubba before and would recommend boob/bottle otherwise dummy as the second option.   Renee
  •  Depends how long you are flying for and how tight seated you are on the plane because I didn’t have enough room to breast feed so I took a bottle of juice with me cause my daughter loved her juice to give to her on the way up and way down they have baby juice but seeing it says from 6months on I put a little bit of water in with it even though its quiet watery anyway.  Megan
  •  I have flown 4 times with my twins! At this time they were only 7 – 12 weeks old! I gave them a bottle taking off as I always booked my flight around their bottle. Landing they weren’t due for anything and wouldn’t even take a dummy and they were perfectly fine! It’s your preference!   Elyce
  •  Boob!! I’ve done it with my 8mth old the 4 times we’ve been flying. Works a treat, I think with just good it would be less comforting, boobs are great distractions! & I figure better to do something that possibly have a grumpy babe with sore ears for the next week or two.   Bec
  •  My DS is a very active boy but on the plane he is surprisingly settled. I take some toys he doesn’t normally play with and are suitable for using sat in a chair, extra bottles (or breastfeeds) and dummy (pacifier) for landing and takeoff will help with his ears and hopefully reduce the amount of crying as the sucking helps. However- crying and screaming is very normal. It helps to unblock their ears and stop them from hurting. It is normal and ok. If anyone on the plane has a problem with it tell them to hire a private plane next time or shut up. It’s just how babies deal with it.   Heather
  •  I travel quite a lot on the plane with my first our first plane trip was when she was 3mths old she’s now 4 and plus I have a 5mth old also now too. Take as little onto the plane as possible. That bag you can take on the plane and store above you, check it in as luggage so you don’t have to cart it around. Take a lil bag with lots of munchies and a few little toys. Maybe buy a new little toy just for the plane so it’s new and exciting for them. If that doesn’t work try Phenergan. We do this on our long flights makes them sleep. Our dr recomended this when we went overseas. Just try beforehand as it can have the reverse effect.   Sandy
  •  I flew home with my 2 weeks old on a 2.5 hour flight and had him on the breast going up and then he slept and so I put a dummy in on the way down and he was fine.   Rebecca
  •  I recently went on a flight with my 8 month old to help ease him I gave him a bottle on takeoff and landing as the constant swallowing helps their ears adjust easier, I found it really helped and I no issues, hope this helps.   Rachael
  •  Lollies for ascending, descending to help with equalising. Big play before u hit the airport, I give my daughter my I pad and she has Nintendo DS for long trips, if u are stressed your child will not behave so anything to chill yourself out do it, little pillows so they can rest and create games or play eye spy thru the window my daughter loved when I asked her if she can spot the flying unicorns in the window lol hope it helps.   Jana
  •  If you can, take a portable dvd player to keep them entertained. And if baby is sitting on your lap for the flight, probably out them in a baby Bjorn so they won’t try to climb away. As for snacks, stuff to keep them full, as well as entertained. But not something messy, so sandwiches, fruit slices, cheerios, slightly cooked veg sticks.   Emily
  •  Make sure they are drinking or chewing, on the way up and down it helps with the pressure on the little ears.   Kim

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