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6 Week Immunisation – Preparing for Babies Needles

I am after some helpful advice about 6 week immunisation. My DD is getting her 6 week needles this afternoon. Do any mums out there have any suggestions to make bubs more comfortable if she is unsettled after her needles? TIA

GP , Melissa, answers you common questions on immunisations

Read a copy of the current immunisation schedule in Australia.

Medical disclaimer: Tips provided need to be considered in conjunction with medical advice. For immediate concerns, please contact HealthDirect (Australia wide) ph 1800 022 222 – to talk to a registered nurse 24hrs a day, and in emergencies call 000.

6 week immunisation Avoid pre-dosing with Panadol before 6 week immunisation

  • I was told from my doctor not to give Panadol before first needles as it could mask a reaction to the injection. So I didn’t and she was totally fine, no Panadol before or after. She did scream when it happened and then that was it! No fevers either just a lil sleepy the next day!  Alyssa
  •  Do NOT give Panadol before the needle as it can mask a reaction. Feed immediately after and be prepared for the biggest most heart wrenching scream you’ve ever heard. Both my baby and I cried. Good luck my little one was fine that night and the next day.  Kirsty
  •  Yeah I wouldn’t give Panadol before as it can hide any reactions … if they need it you can give it after.  Stephanie
  • Agrees with Alyssa my dr said not to as well I haven’t either my dd 6wk and 4mth needles and she was fine just gave Panadol when required and a feed straight after.  Sheree

Feed immediately after injections

  •  Mine just had their 6 week immunisation, Have a fed ready for her straightaway weather it be bottle or breast or even a dummy.  Casey
  •  My lo had his 6 weeks needles last week, when he was getting his needles, i breastfed him.  Natasha
  •  Yep agree with Casey I always fed my DD straight after needles – it helped to comfort her. As for afterwards just lots of cuddles. I let my DD sleep with me or near me after all her needles just to make her feel a bit better. I know when I’m sick or in pain I still want my mum close by haha! Stephanie
  • I breastfeed my boy immediately after and he was ok! Give them lots of cuddles and if yr bf as much boob as they want to comfort! It’s harder for us mums than the wee ones I think, I cried more than him, and just keep a close eye on them, baby Panadol or a visit back to the docs if needed! Good luck!  Kylie
  • Feed bubs straight after and they forget all about it. Panadol later if bubs seems uncomfortable or is screaming- not beforehand as you won’t be able to gauge if they’ve had a reaction to it.  Oh and sometimes a week-10 days later they’ll be fussy for a few days. Again, Panadol if they seem out of sorts. Kara
  •  Wait until after needles for Panadol and give bub a ‘comfort’ feed immediately after.  Jade
  • My bub had his on Wednesday, didn’t give him Panadol before or after, I fed him after and put a cold wet face washer on his legs because they hurt him and he was fine the next day.  Allie
  • Yep my ds had his 2 days ago, feed straight after and Panadol AFTER if needed. He was fine after his needles but he is a bit grizzlier than normal these past few days but the nurse said that is to be expected.  I was also told they may feed less so smaller more frequent feeds may be needed.  Kristy

Take someone else with you to baby’s 6 week immunisation

  •  Take hubby! My LO screamed the place down at her 4 month needles and only I was with her, took hubby for 6 and 12 mth and she sooked for 2 seconds and was fine! Panadol, Nurofen, warm baths, lots of cuddles, feeds and dummies. Anon 

Have someone else hold baby for their 6 week immunisation

  • A good tip the nurse gave me last time, which I had never considered, is do not hold the baby while they are getting the needle. Bub needs to feel safe with mum and here is mum holding them while someone hurts them. She said stand over there and as soon as its done come pick him up and he stopped crying instantly!  Carley

Cold compress

  •  Cool compress if injection site sore very hard for mummies!  Morgan


  •  A feed and a good cuddle worked for us! It wasn’t nice but it def wasn’t as bad as what I thought it would be.  Karli
  •  Cuddles & Panadol!  Ali

Be ready for side effects

  •  Just general reassurance; side effects from the 6 week, 4 and 6 month immunisations can last for a week. They did with my daughter! We just tried to keep on top of Panadol, cuddles, etc.  Monica
  • A list of side effects is available here

What are your best tips to help prepare for your child’s 6 week immunisation, comment below?

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