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Say No to More Stuff! How to Give (& Get) Better Presents for Your Kids

If you’re a mum you’ll know that sinking feeling when your child receives yet another huge wrapped boxed.

purposit group gifting app

Stuff you don’t need. They don’t really want. That will fill up your house. With more unloved clutter.

It sounds like a first world problem (and it literally is!) but what if you really don’t want any more stuff when present time rolls around?  Perhaps it even sounds a little ungracious but in today’s world where more-is-more and consumerism is rampant presents can actually be a bit of a drag.

Why are we sick of presents?

You might object to more presents because you feel your kids have enough stuff. Or because you’re opposed to landfill and waste. Or because you’re bursting out of your home and can’t store another toy. And because your child is inviting 35 kids to their celebration. Or because you actually know of something else that your little person would really need / like / love…. Bingo!

purposit group gifting app

Whatever the reason, how do we manage the ‘gift situation’ in a way that’s convenient, simple and inoffensive?

Enter the modern group present. Neatly, easily and stylishly achieved with the free Purposit app. If you’ve ever thought ‘gee it would be awesome if everyone chipped in and bought Tommy that scooter rather than 23 smaller things we so don’t require’…. Purposit is for you.

Here’s what you need to know about Purposit. We’ve tried it – and loved it!

It’s a free app designed for parents to manage events like birthdays and to fund group gifts for their kids with the help of friends and family.

Ideal for Christmas, Easter or birthdays, parents can use the app to share present ideas so friends and family can chip in, putting pooled funds towards something your child really wants or needs.

What is really clever is that parents are able to suggest presents that are for right now (like school books or a new bike) as well as ideas for hobbies, activities or special experiences.

Purposit allows for more meaningful gifts

When children receive heaps and heaps of ‘stuff,’ gifting loses its meaning for both those giving and receiving.

It’s disappointing to spend time selecting a gift that’s not well-received, duplicated or that is quickly relegated to the back shelf just days after opening.

It’s also hard for children to appreciate a gift when they’re absolutely inundated with stuff. One carefully selected item, lovingly contributed to, allows the item to be special, appreciated and meaningful.

purposit group gifting app

Purposit is easy to use for everyone

There’s nothing better than an app that adds value to life – especially when it’s easy to use. Purposit is simple enough that even Granny can contribute to swimming lessons with just a few simple clicks.

Even better, the app is available on both desktop and smartphone and all the data is private, secure and encrypted.

Taking the hassle out of planning, you can also use Purposit to send your celebration invitation combining the need for multiple communications and making the entire process seamless. Lastly, you can even return a personalised thank you when people have gifted your child! Tick, tick, tick.

purposit group gifting app

6 reasons we love Purposit if we’re buying a gift for someone’s child

  • No shopping. No researching. No guessing.
  • No wasting money on items that aren’t wanted or needed.
  • No buying some hot new item that 3 other people gift to the child as well.
  • No expensive postage if you’re interstate.
  • You’re guaranteed to give the gift that’s really hankered for or needed.
  • It’s quick, easy and safe.
  • Bonus – no wrapping!

6 reasons we love Purposit if you’re the parent of the birthday child

  • No more drowning in stuff you don’t need. No more trying to store items you don’t have room for.
  • No more awkward gifts that aren’t inline with your values as a parent (think inappropriate DVDs, toy guns, dolls you might not approve of!)
  • A general reduction in your child’s exposure to consumerism and reduction in environmental impacts like landfill.
  • Allows your child to receive items you might not otherwise afford by ‘group power’
  • Means you can create meaningful items for your child and better foster appreciation and respect of ‘treasured’ gifts not just ‘more stuff’
  • It’s quick, easy and safe.
  • Seamless end to end experience from sending an invite to sending a thank you – it’s all at your fingertips.

And last but not least 9 awesome gifts kids and parents actually want (and you can use Purposit to receive them!)

  • Amazing experiences
  • Concert tickets
  • Big ticket items
  • Items for or funds towards hobbies
  • Musical instruments
  • Memberships & associations
  • School supplies, books
  • Extra-curricular lessons
  • Future requirements – educational funds or school trips

purposit group gifting app

So, take it from the team at Baby Hints & Tips – make the switch! Try the Purposit app the next time your child is about to be spoilt and see the difference this nifty solution can make for you. Find out more via the video below.

This article is sponsored by Purposit, learn more about Purposit.

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