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{RECIPE} Butter Free Mini Quiches

mini-quicheby Kate from Little People, Big Tummies

As much as I do love butter I am always looking for ways to ditch it. It is very tasty in cakes and biscuits but let’s be honest is not good for the old ticker. I never really keep it in the house; I use rice bran oil or olive oil. So came up with this pastry. It’s flaky and yummy.

In my household I don’t like my kids having pre-packaged food; it affects their mood and behaviour. So whenever we take a trip somewhere I pack them a little lunch box of treats. And this one is one they love to have. These freeze really well and are handy to have for snacks.

(Makes approximately 24)


Rice bran oil Pastry 
2x cups plain flour
1/2 cup of rice bran oil
2x eggs
1x egg yolk
Pinch of Salt
½ cup 0f warm water
Teaspoon of baking powder

6 x Eggs beaten
¼ cup of milk
filling of your choice. We love bacon zucchini and even a little couscous and top with some tasty cheese


1. Pre- heat oven 150 degrees

2. Put flour/ baking powder, salt and eggs into a food processor and pulse add the oil while still mixing. Stop the scrape the sides put the lid back on and mix again. Scrape the sides then start mixing this time add the water until the dough comes together. (you may not need all the water)

3. Wrap in glad wrap and put in the fridge to 15-20 mins. Flour the bench and roll out. Use a glass to cut out a piece for the muffin tray. If it’s still thick, roll out the piece separately. Once the whole tray is done place in the oven for 5-7 mins to cook for a short time.

4. Take out to cool and add the filling.

5. Cook until cheese is browned.


Kate (Little People, Big Tummies)

About Kate: I try to do new and interesting things for the kid’s school lunches as I was sick of them coming home with their lunch boxes untouched. I know by talking to other parents I am not alone, which is why I started Little People, Big Tummies . My girls and I often cook together as I think it’s a great way to get them interested in healthy eating and trying new things. Not to mention teaching them how to cook which is a great skill to have. To see all of Kate’s recipes, click here.


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