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Ten Minute Chicken Strips

quick chicken strips recipeby Honey, You Baked!

This is my go-to lunch. Simple, tasty and healthy. All it takes is two ingredients and you have a quick, easy and light meal which is perfect served with a simple salad. Also great for kids as finger food (just be aware of the ingredients in your dukkah in case of allergies).
You’ll need:
  • Chicken breast – one per person
  • Dukkah – there are heaps out there, I usually buy the Table of Plenty ones, but you can also make your own combining your favourite spices, seeds and even nuts for a bit of crunch. In this case I am using pistachio dukkah.
Chicken strips 1
1. Pop each chicken breast between some cling wrap,  loosely fold the edges over so it is not going to slip out.
Chicken strips 2
2. Bash your chicken with a rolling pin (or something heavy and smooth) to flatten it out (picture someone who is annoying you at the time – therapy for free!)
3. Pour your dukkah out onto a plate.
Chicken strips 3
4. Remove cling wrap from chicken breast and lay chicken on top of dukkah. Lightly press down so the dukkah sticks.
Flip the breast so both sides are coated.
5. Place breasts into a pre-heated fry pan (I have a good non-stick one so don’t use oil, otherwise you may need a light spray of oil on your pan so the chicken doesn’t stick). If you have a George Foreman grill they are perfect for cooking these and are done in half the time!
Chicken strips 4
6. Flip over your chicken after a few minutes and cook the other side for another 3-4 minutes . At this point I place a small heavy based frypan or saucepan on top of your chicken breast to weigh it down and help speed along the cooking.

Chicken strips 5

7. Perfect served with a salad.

Chicken strips 7

Honey, You Baked! is Danni & Mel, two friends and mummies who used to work, cook and play together in Sydney. Now Mel has moved home to Tasmania and the girls spend time blogging about Baking, Making, Books, Babies and just about everything else in between! Drop them a line on facebook or twitter, they would love to hear from you!

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