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{RECIPE} Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding

Sugar Free Chocolate Puddingby Kate from Little People, Big Tummies

A Chocolate pudding that’s sugar free, dairy free and egg free. Great for people with allergies or if you are cutting down on your sugar intake. Try making this for your Australia Day festivities dessert!

1 cup of SR Flour
¾ cup of rice malt syrup
¼ cup of coco
¼ Flax seed meal
½ cup of coconut oil
¾ cup of rice milk
Dash of vanilla extract
¼ cup of coco
¼ agave syrup
1 ¼  cup of hot water
Raspberry sauce:
1 cup of frozen raspberries
1 tablespoon of honey
Dash of vanilla essence
Dash of water


Put all dry ingredients in a bowl and, with a beater, add the other ingredients one at a time until all combined. Then add to a greased small baking tray.

Place that tray into a larger tray for a water bath. Make sure it’s filled half way with water

Add the syrup to the cocoa and make a paste, then add to the hot water. Pour on top of pudding mixture.

Place the trays into a moderate (180C)  oven for  40 minutes.

Take off the heat and let cool before serving.

To make the raspberry sauce: Put ingredients into a small sauce pan and cook until boiling.

This doesn’t make a chocolate sauce but makes the bottom gooey and yummy like a pudding. Serve with the raspberries or with Ice cream or however you like. Enjoy!


Kate (Little People, Big Tummies)

About Kate: I try to do new and interesting things for the kid’s school lunches as I was sick of them coming home with their lunch boxes untouched. I know by talking to other parents I am not alone, which is why I started Little People, Big Tummies . My girls and I often cook together as I think it’s a great way to get them interested in healthy eating and trying new things. Not to mention teaching them how to cook which is a great skill to have. To see all of Kate’s recipes, click here.



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