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Relactation – restarting breastfeeding

breastfeeding, relactatingI would like to hear other people’s experiences with relactation. I quit breastfeeding 2 weeks ago. I still have a supply although it’s very low. Have any mothers been able to successfully re-establish a supply so they can continue Breast feeding? If so how did you do it?

  • Put bub in boob as often as possible and pump pump pump! Its all about supply and demand! – Jessica
  • Give the ABA hotline a buzz and they’ll be able to give you the info you need to reestablish supply – Carly
  • Lactation cookies, donperidon tablets ( not sure if spelt correctly) I also seen my local health food store who can recommend herbs to increase supply, google it, I nearly lost my supply due to being put in hospital without bubs, I’m now 100% bf, it’s taken 4 weeks to get him of the formula.. Good luck – Ashley
  • Ive got a low supply and was prescribed domperidone. Take that, lots of nursing n express after feeds too n ur supply should be sweet in no time – Jade
  • If you haven’t already buy an electronic breast pump Avent Isis IQ is good for it’s automatic function but Cherub Natripump has better suction but you have to press a button regularly to release suction or it gets painful – Heather
  • How about you try expressing after a feed, always helps me get a good supply back – Ikelly
  • Fenugeek Its herbal – Geena
  • Mine was low due to trauma. I had one script of Motilium and it was good again – Kellie
  • Fennel tea might help. And you can just buy it at the supermarket – Sophie
  • I’ve heard good things about Pinky McKay Boobie Bickies for building supply. The website list stockists, but if not you can order online – Emma
  • When my twins were 2 weeks old I had to stop bf as I got dermatitis following csection and had to get it under control and needed meds/steroid creams so I had to switch them to formula and was just pumping once or twice a day for about 2 1/2 weeks and throwing away, I didnt really think about how important it was to pump more, but I was able to start straight back feeding again and had no problem with supply – Karen
  • Just offer breast before bottle… it will work. Bubs doesnt forget.. slowly you will get the supply back up – Rosemary
  • A routine of 3 hourly feeds would bring supply up but feed for quite a while 30-60 minutes. Make sure bubs is hungry then they’ll take more as if you demand feed then they are only taking small amounts (snacking) –Geaya

Did you successfully re-establish breastfeeding after having stopped?  Share your experience

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