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Routine Tips When Traveling With BabyI’m traveling from Perth to Brisbane in a few weeks for our first family holiday and bubs will be 6 months. Has anyone just left their baby on their same routine but in the new time zone? I’m wondering if it actually can work or if I should start moving his bedtime/wake up time before we leave?

  • The time difference isn’t that much and you’ll be amazed how quickly they adapt. Lots of sunlight when you arrive and Bub’s body clock will figure it out very quickly. Nicole
  • Bubs will adjust really quickly – I wouldn’t worry about adjusting beforehand. Also when we have gone on holidays from Perth to over east with baby I quite like to keep baby on Perth time anyway – you get a sleep in and can happily go out for dinner etc. Meneesha
  • We just did PER -SYD with a 4m old, flew during the night to get the sleep. And then back into normal routine in the new time zone. First night was a little unsettled (new place-new bed), but adjusted the following nights no problem. Same again on return flight. James
  • I took my twins from Perth to Brisbane when they were 9 months and I just woke them at 5am (to adjust to 7am Brisbane time) but also as we left on the 7am flight. Kept them on Brisbane time from the first day until arriving back in Perth. May take a day to adjust but otherwise was all good. Laura
  • I went from bris to Perth when Bub was 3 months, we kept her normal routine so wear a watch with Perth time so u don’t get mixed up. Madison
  • I took my lo from Perth to Cairns at Christmas time when he was 7 months old. I kept him on the same schedule ie breakfast at 8, milk at 11, lunch at 12 and so on. He actually slept in a few times in the mornings! (probably to do with the time difference ) but i stuck to the same schedule in the new time zone as best i could. Leslie
  • Did the same trip with 5.5 month DS last Christmas. Same routine on the way over. Slip into Eastern time (same routine) at bedtime first night or at first feed in morning. No phasing. Didn’t skip a beat – same on way home. Allissa
  • We recently travelled from melb to fiji and were able to keep the same routine with no issues. Bubs was almost 1 but I also traveled to Brisbane when he was 3 months old with no issues either. Kate
  • We did perth to brissy and back when bub was 5 months. We didn’t bother about changing things up, if he needed to sleep then we put him to sleep. We didn’t notice a massive change in the waking/ sleep times and he got back into normalcy when we got home. I wouldn’t worry too much, enjoy your hol. Kate
  • I took my 8 month old to New Zealand and kept her on Aus time. Worked perfectly because her 7pm bedtime was actually 9pm over there so I didn’t have to worry about getting back to the hotel early to do her bedtime routine. Noni
  • i went from Albury to Brisbane and kept my kids on our time so they don’t get muddled up with the time difference. Kaleena
  • I gradually moved baby’s routine over 5 days to adjust for daylight saving when we travelled from qld to nsw. you might have to start earlier for the bigger time difference. it worked well for me. Tina
  • I travelled to Melb from Darwin several times and there was an hour and a half time difference. I kept Bub on normal routine and it worked great. It meant she stayed up later but that she slept in. It was so much easier than changing it. Danielle

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