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Close friend/family has the same name choice for baby

Same name

This might seem trivial, but what have other parents done when someone close to you (practically family) has chosen the same name for their bub as you? Have you still named your child the same name or what did you do?

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  • If you love it, don’t change it, you will regret it. And If they knew you liked that name and then decided they liked it also, and got in first. They aren’t friends. Wipe them and put them in the nappy bin. Sarah
  • My younger sister stole my girl name! I had a son first, but the name hubby and I were planning for our first girl has been swept up by my sister, so we’ve moved on to our other choices. Having cousins with the same name just feels weird to me… Keely
  • My cousin called their son the name me and my partner liked for yrs so when we had our son approx 6 months later we called him the same name. We talked about changing it but thought we would stick with the name we loved, we couldn’t find another name that compared and unless its a name you made up they will have other ppl with the same names in their lives so why settle for something else… Tina
  • For my husband and I we preferred to use a different name. We had always had a girls name we loved but a friend of ours had a girl 12 months before we had our baby and named her the name we had always liked so immediately it wasn’t even an option for us anymore, same with boys names. Lauren
  • my husband has the same first name as a few of his cousins. If fact there are a few names that have doubled up. It can get confusing but if it is the name you really want then use it. Bronwen
  • I think it depends on why you chose the name. My first baby I named after my grandmother so nothing would have stopped me naming her that. My second was just a name we liked that went well with the rest of the names in our family so I probably would change it if I was in that situation. Jessie
  • if there few diff ways of spelling it U could change the spelling of it other wise I would look for another name U like and maybe use the one U liked as middle name or wipe her clean say U aren’t interested in knowing her for stealing your idea on names Wendy

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  • The thing I would ask is did they know you had chosen that name? There’s no reason why you couldn’t name your child the name you had chosen, however, it might get confusing if they’re someone you spend a lot of time with Tegan
  • Also wondering the same. We had a full name picked and it was just used by my husbands cousin. First and second given names in the same spelling and order. The significance for us was it was our two mothers names so not at all random. Thinking we can’t use them now and don’t like the flow if we changed the order. Amy
  • My husband and myself had spoken about a name since we began dating and then someone in my family used that name. We decided not to use it and went with a different name. In the end I’m glad we didn’t use because I love my son’s name so much more. Teneale
  • Definitely ergo Baby 360. Mine is amazing I love it Hayley
  • my hubby and I had a girl name picked out for years. It took us 3 years to conceive our first and had a little boy. My cousin had a little girl and choose a name very similar ( she didn’t know) so when we had our second a girl we loved our name still so that’s what we used Shanara
  • Thats a hard one. Did you choose the name first and let them know, and they have got in first without really leading on that they liked it..Or did you both say you loved the name at same time. A friend of mine named her son the same as ours & actually msg me n asked if i mind, i didn’t at all. I personally wouldn’t name my child the same as someones child who i knew they were going to be around alot, thats just me..But in saying that i have loved a certain name for ages & am pregnant with number 3 atm & so is a few friends, if one of them named theirs the same i don’t think i could change my mind. Stacie
  • My husband and I went to great lengths to find names that were uncommon without being weird. We both have very common names as do our siblings and it’s maddening. My son is Emmett and daughter is Belanna. They have 2x Uncle Michael’s (my husband is also Michael), 2x Uncle Chris’ , an Aunty Jessica (while my brother was also dating a Jessica for a period). Sam
  • The name I have chosen for my girl when I have a daughter I’m keeping it to myself until she is born. I prefer uncommon names and spellings. Jenna

Did your baby have the same name as another child in your extended family or circle of friends?

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