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Storing baby clothes

storing baby clothesHow have other parents stored their babies clothes that they plan to keep for their next child? I plan to have a 4ish age gap so I need clothes to stay fresh for a long time. So far ive just got them folded in a plastic tub

  • vacuum seal in the space saver bags Susan
  • in plastic ziploc bags labeled with size and girl or gender neutral, then those are stored in a big plastic bin. Natasha
  • 16 year gap and clothes perfect, space bagged, then plastic tubbed. Kirsten
  • I have a 6 year gap and stored close in plastic tubs. All in perfect condition from storage. Tahnee
  • Wash and dry as normal, buy the space bags and fill up with folded clothes and place a dryer fresh sheet thing inside (fluffy make nice smelling ones) Natalie
  • Vacuum storage bags in plastic tubs. Ours were stored for just short of 3 years and they smelt as fresh as they did when I stored them. Kylie
  • Topbuy often have those space saving bags for $10 and they’re huge. Also if you scour the discount shops they have those hard plastic boxes but be sure to measure wherever you’ll be placing either so you get the right sized storage option for that space ( like if it’s going under a bed you need to make sure it’s not too tall). Heather
  • I had 12 plastic tubs of clothes from my first daughter. She’s just turned 6 in December and I had my 2nd in September. All the clothes were perfectly fine in the tubs Amanda
  • I stored mine in plastic tubs with labels showing sizes etc. I also wrapped them in acid free tissue paper as I’d heard this stops them yellowing – not sure how true this is but none have gone yellow so far!! Gina
  • I had my daughters clothes stored, folded, in air tight, plastic tubs for almost 10 years! I put a bar of soap in each box and they came out fresh & smelling quite good too! Rebecca
  • My first child is 7 and I am due in 4 weeks. I unpacked some clothes today that I have had stored in plastic tubs and they are perfect. Kat
  • I have an almost 5 year gap and stored in tubs or vacuum sealed bags. Using things out of them now and all are still in perfect condition Brooke
  • I use plastic tubs to store clothes Stephanie
  • Space saver bags Alison
  • Vacuum seal space saver bags, I just some out of 7yr storage for bubs number 2 Sharon
  • No matter what some of the whites will yellow from milk stain etc, well mine did after 4yrs but perhaps you could also put done of those silica gel moisture absorber sachets in too? (Like the ones that come in shoe boxes) Elizabeth

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