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Gestational diabetes experiences

gestational diabetes experiencesI have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. It will need to be diet control first with 4 daily finger pricks and low GI Diet.
Who else was diagnosed with this? And did it turn into insulin injections?

Expert tips on gestational diabetes

  •  I had it with both my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. Luckily I was able to control it with diet. I found I ate a lot of salad sandwiches, veggies, and yogurt. Good luck it’s really not so hard!   Kathleen
  •  Yep insulin in both pregnancies! The bonus is all the extra ultrasounds though!    Bree
  •  Had GD that was diet controlled and has gone away after pregnancy. Mine was weight related have lost 20kg since pregnancy and need to lose more but am currently clear. I learnt how to eat well & stay healthy afterwards – grateful for the GD education, has helped me immensely. Good luck!    Amy
  •  I have it, I’ve just been put on insulin of a night as my morning sugars are high but that’s not really in my control as I’m asleep and can’t move around of a day its all diet controlled and in a healthy range. Chances are you won’t need to inject anything. I usually have avo on toast for breaky, home made hummus, cheese, fruit crackers and nibbly bits for lunch and low sugar dinners.   Hayley
  •  Yes I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes even though I ate healthy & exercised. I have family history of diabetes but never did it cross my mind that I would have it because I was so healthy. I changed the way I ate with small frequent meals and made sure I exercised (brisk walk even) everyday for at least 1 hour. Managed to avoid medication and insulin. Bub was still small despite diabetes and I have recovered really well. It was a wake up call that even the healthy can get diabetes. There is such great support out there for it and I have a new found respect for the organisations out there helping those with diabetes.    Jacinta
  •  My first pregnancy I had it and was put on to insulin second was only diet controlled. It’s not a big deal; in fact it makes sure you don’t stuff your face full of crap for your whole pregnancy. You must look on the bright side if things when having to use those awful finger pricked.    Cassandra
  •  The changes I made to my diet have now become automatic choices – and I’m a much healthier mum because of it! Best wishes for your pregnancy – oh and BTW – I had a gorgeous baby boy too!    Deb
  •  I had GD I did everything I was told to do and still ended up on insulin 4 times a day but the good news was that it went away straight after the birth and my daughter did not have it either.   Tatum
  •  I was with my current and last pregnancy. My last I ended up on insulin but this time managed to keep it under control with diet. PM me if you have any questions.   M’leigh
  •  Yes with my second I was diagnosed with with gd. I was on oral medication and low gi diet. However it didn’t work and I ended up being induced due to my daughter being macrosomic. My 3rd I was put on insulin at 28 weeks. But oral med with a good diet it does work.    Annalise
  •  With my first child I was on diet control it didn’t have to use insulin. Just Google some food ideas. but my dr told me to exercise more daily, eat porridge/ oats for brekkie and steak and salad pretty much every night. I went to 40+2 with my son and he was normal weight. 7pd 14 oz. you’ll be ok, talk to the dietician if you have any concerns.    Tash
  •  I had GD and it started as diet controlled but that didn’t work, so it progressed to 4 finger pricks and insulin 4 times a day. It wasn’t scary or painful at all. I was on a lot of units by the end of it though, but I have PCOS and am insulin resistant anyway.    Cassandra
  •  Yes diet controlled, only had insulin when i had to be induced because of the steroids.   Shana
  •  I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes after an abnormal test, however all my pin pricks were low – I never had high readings the entire time I was testing. Stick to your diet and do gentle exercise after meals, even hanging washing etc counts but my favorite was bouncing on my medicine ball. My baby had normal blood sugars every time they tested him and I had a normal test afterwards.    Sallie
  •  Yes. Watch the carbs eat healthy and you’ll be fine. That is how I managed mine.    Rebecca
  •  I was diagnosed at 12 weeks and I’m at 30 now with only tablets and diet no injections feel free to msg if u have any questions xxxx   Kirsty
  •  I have managed mine with diet alone… BUT! They originally have me 6 days to adjust and get it sorted I mostly won the game with the post food levels but had trouble with the fasting levels which they will tell you are hard to control with diet as they tend to be driven by placental hormones and the liver. I also couldn’t manage the recommended amount of exercise in that foray week due to bad pelvic displacement issues. They wanted to try me on metformin for a week and then go to insulin if that didn’t work. I begged for another week to get better with the diet and exercise. They reluctantly agreed. Over the next week I got better with the diet and exercise and discovered that if I had a small, low GI snack (often a few strawberries and blueberries with jalna yoghurt or a handful of nuts) before bed, the fasting levels were fine. After four weeks of getting better and better at it, the endocrinologist has decided I’ve done a brilliant job, has dropped testing back to just 3 days a week and has handed my care back the the midwifery team. No meds!! Make sure you give the diet and exercise a really good shot and ask for an extra week to tweak things if you need it to give yourself the best shot at avoiding medication.    Roselea
  •  Gdm 4 times (am 29 weeks and on insulin after just 1 week on diet again)… Was induced for all 4 babies…    Paula
  •  I had GD in my first pregnancy and was able to fairly easily manage it with diet. Just follow low GI and you should hopefully be able to keep it in check! Just a matter of cutting out sugars where you can, and then making switches (for example white bread for whole meal, white potato for sweet potato, white or jasmine rice for basmati, etc). Good Luck! I am currently pregnant again and had a GD test at 16 weeks and I don’t currently have it but will have to re-test again at 28 weeks anyway just in case it develops again.    Angela
  •  I had it with my second did diet and the insulin as well. It sucks but stick to it for both your sakes!! Good luck.    Chantel
  •  I did too. Just be careful with your food and do what they say and you’ll both fine x    Natalie
  •  I had gestational diabetes with my last child, as long as you drink lots of water and eat healthier you should be fine, just try your best at keeping your numbers low and you should be fine.    Roseanne
  •  I was an insulin dependent with both of my girls. First time I did all the right things but the levels aren’t really something you can control. Walking does help to keep levels a bit lower though.    Kelly
  •  I was diagnosed with GD in week 29 and I’m now week 37. I didn’t need insulin. I kept to my diet and checked my sugar levels down. I recorded them each day and took them to the ob each appointment. I also kept my weight down as much as I could. It will be fine, don’t stress too much and enjoy you’re pregnancy.    Sabina
  •  I had GD. Follow the diet guidelines and you’ll be fine. Although if you fall sick like I did for a week they may place you on insulin. I was taken off it a week after been put on it.    Sherri
  •  I did, controlled my diet and still ended up on insulin injections everyday. It’s just different with some people.    Janelle
  •  Yes I got it at a secondary test at around 30-32 ish weeks. It was only just over and didn’t turn into insulin injections.   Katie
  •  I had this too, they predicted I would need insulin before the 22 week mark; I managed to keep it diet controlled and gave birth at 40 weeks to a 3.2kg girl. No insulin!    Ann
  •  I was but never had to do insulin just manage it with diet.    Jenni
  •  Yes I had it and was diet controlled. Had a quite strict diet but gave myself the occasional treat if my levels were on the lower end of normal. Had some high readings from time to time but not consistently. You just don’t know if you will need insulin, hopefully not but see how you go.   Jo
  •  I had it in second pregnancy and was diet controlled. Never turned into insulin injections.    Kristen
  •  I had gestational diabetes with my 2nd. Insulin dependant. Its not as scary as it sounds. Its very easy to control. And very easy to inject yourself. It really doesn’t hurt. Just be very careful with your diet. And your baby will most likely be bigger than usual.    Trudy
  •  I had GD started diet controlled but turned into insulin. I am petrified of needles I never got use to it but I always put my baby first so didn’t give it a second thought after a while because I knew that I needed to do it for the benefit of my baby.    Julietta
  •  I had gestational diabetes with my 1st diet controlled and left hospital weighing less than before I was pregnant.    Carolyn
  •  My GDM was uncontrolled and started having to inject insulin three times a day at around 32 weeks. Diet and exercise unfortunately didn’t help in my case.   Sian
  •  I was diagnosed with GD. I managed to keep mine under control from just diet. No insulin required. It was tough as I was a mad sugar eater and didn’t realize how much sugar there was in your everyday foods but after dieting for the diabetes I can’t believe how much better I started to feel. So much more energy etc. Oh and of course, it was all totally worth it to have a beautiful healthy baby. Keep to a strict diet & hopefully it will all manage from there on in. Good luck!   Olivia
  •  I was with both mine controlled by diet apart from having insulin before bed for fasting levels once you get the hang of it and know what your body response to it is less daunting and I found I stuck to the things I knew were going to give me low levels and cycled them through the week.   Judi
  •  First pregnancy it was diet controlled, second time my body did not want to cooperate, needed insulin three times. A day in the last 3 weeks of pregnancy. No risk factors, so it was just the way my body reacted. All clear now. Goodluck    Mel
  •  I had it my whole pregnancy. Found out at 37 weeks and gave birth at 39w via c-section to an 11lb baby girl. Just make sure you follow the diet, and you won’t need insulin and keep baby a nice size.    Maddy
  •  Had it with both pregnancies and did diet control with both. The good thing is they won’t let you go pass your due date. My first came 6 days early 8lb 1 and my second 5 days early 7lb 13. It’s hard at first to control the urge bug you’ll be fine. All the best

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