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Tips for Dad’s in labour room

Husband Providing Acupressure Pain ReliefI’m 39 weeks pregnant and wonder if anyone has tips for partners coming into the birthing room? I’m sure my husband would be very appreciative.

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  • Don’t say a word and do as you’re told haha Jasmin
  • The best thing mine did was to count down through contractions. EG ‘you only have ten seconds to go, you can do ten seconds’ it gave him something to focus on and was really practical help for me. One thing I would say is he should eat, as he nearly fainted when it came time to push. Ange
  • Your support person should have drinks and snacks on hand to keep them going and should also have closed in shoes either on or packed just in case they need to enter theatre.. And a phone charger just in case to capture those photos when your little one arrives Rebecca
  • Hold your hand and let you squeeze as hard as you need to. The best thing my husband did was encourage me when it was time to push. He was watching our daughter be born (while holding my hand still) and just saying “You can do it. She’s nearly here. It’s nearly over. You’re doing so well, etc.” It helped to know that he thought I could do it. He was very involved and helped me through every contraction. He also made jokes about unrelated things with me in between contractions to help time pass Annie
  • This may or may not help – but I think the greatest advice for what a support person can do is; what they are told. If you want a back rub he should do it but if you can’t stand him touching you then he should back off. He could record the contractions and get you a drink or whatever you might want (while remembering to feed/water himself). He should be compassionate to the situation and not make jokes when you don’t want them. For that time you are in your own little world and you need your concentration to bring that wee one into it. In my own experience my partner held a cold flannel on my head and got water and repeated what the midwife was saying because I didn’t hear it all…that was all I needed I won’t be expecting anything more of him this time around. Brenda
  • Be prepared for anything! Short labour or long labour they need to keep their energy up too eat well/ have some snacks on hand & be ready to support you good luck!! Tara
  • make sure your partner knows what you would like in terms of pain relief. When i had reached my limit hubby made sure that they gave me the epidural instead of the pethadine etc. Also he helped me walk up and down stairs which inturn helped my waters break and sped up my labour Michelle
  • I agree with other comments and take in snacks as time gets away. Renee
  • My partner kept quiet and let me almost squeeze him in two haha. He also had a cold towel that he held on my forehead to cool me down, strangely it also gave me something other than contraction pains to think about haha Becca
  • Enjoy the experience. There will be things you won’t remember that he will, and you only get one first baby The experience will be as huge and overwhelming for him as it is for you, just not as painful! He might find it hard to see you in pain and not be able to help, but everything he does that you ask of him is actually really helpful. Know where everything is in the hospital bag, keep phones and cameras handy because helpful midwives can often grab these for you and take photos once bub is born. He needs to remember: it’s his baby too and he deserves to be a part of it! Enjoy it all and good luck x Keira-Lee
  • My husband recommends not only watching positive births on YouTube as preparation (as I did). He says he had a very distorted view of what it would be like. Kimberley
  • rub / massage your back!!!! Be supportive but not in a robbie Williams kind of way unless he’d like to be kicked! Alison
  • When it came to the pushing part his encouragement really helped he also timed contractions and held my hand Tiffany
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your midwife or doctor questions if your unsure of anything. Take in some snacks, drinks and possibly a change of clothes. I also let my partner know him wanting to be in the birthing room with me was the biggest support. I know of a couple of ladies who’s husbands couldn’t cope going in. Good luck, hope it all goes well Sophie

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