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Twin Birthday Cakes – One or Two?

twins-birthday-cakeDo you celebrate your TWINS birthdays with 1 cake or 2 so they don’t have to share?

  • One each for everything, they’re still their own person Taryn
  • I’ve got triplets I do 3 cakes or cupcakes Trisha
  • Mine are only newbies but I will probably do one. Their whole life will be about sharing! Leticia
  • I believe 2 kids, 2 cakes and we sing happy birthday twice Shannon
  • My triplets are turning 1 in august and ill only be having 1 cake but after that probably 3 cakes as they become more aware Cary
  • The other children in the family get their own so why shouldn’t twins. None if mine are twins but up until they started high school they always had more than one cake. One for birthday, party, school. Thst could get a bit much with twins but they at least deserve their own birthday cake on their birthday. Donna
  • my twins aren’t born yet (due next month) but they’ll be getting one each. For a start, I am having a boy and a girl, so will probably want different decorations. And second, my older two children get their own, so why shouldn’t the twins? My older two (also one girl, one boy) are two years apart and their birthdays are six days apart so they always have their own cake on their own birthdays, and share a party usually on the weekend that falls between the two birthdays. They get their own cake at the party too, so will be doing the same with the twins. Wouldn’t be very fair otherwise Bernadette
  • 1cake but with a twin spin. This year they were 5 and did a mushroom cake with 2 tiny fairies as keepsakes. Wendy
  • My best friends twin daughters just turned one and they had one big cake to share with everyone and then had a small cake each to eat on their own. I would imagine that when they get older and they have their individual personalities and want separate things you could do two cakes to keep the peace and acknowledge their individuality Kel
  • I’m a twin and I can see in photos at our 1st birthday we had one cake but each had a cupcake with a candle in it. As we got older we each had our own cakes. Kathryn
  • I’m a twin; mum used to go to the cheese cake factory and get us half a cake each lol:) Jennifer
  • 2 kids – 2 cakes. Its only fair! They cant help being a pair Emily
  • I’m a twin and my nan used to make us separate cakes every birthday Tyla
  • My triplets are 20 months old and for their first birthday I just had one cake made, when they get older and aware more what is happening I will get them each a cake Jodie
  • I don’t have multiples but I would organise separate cakes personally Beth
  • My Twins are 14 this year they both get their own cakes as much as they get their own presents and friends over! Boy/Girl set chalk and cheese. Patrice
  • Always a cake each. 1st bday was a Mickey and a Minnie cake, 2nd was a giraffe and a panda and 3rd was a dusty plane and a castle. We sing twice as well. Jessica
  • Oh and we also sing happy birthday twice, and they blow out the candles separately too. Nicole
  • We do two cakes, usually similar theme but different colours/decorations etc. last ones were a fire truck and a police car. This year is tbc but probably Lego themed. Nicole
  • Just the 1 Emma
  • I did two for the first and think I will do two for most of their birthdays. Faith
  • I would do two cakes. They are two people. Krisabel
  • My mum always used to make a cake each for me and my twin brother and we really liked it that way, especially as we often hit shared gifts and even shared cards. Naomi
  • Always done 2 cakes….they have to share everything else. Melissa
  • We celebrate with two cakes for our boy/girl twins very hard finding a cake they both like just easier having two cakes Ayse
  • I have always made 2 cakes for my twin girls birthdays except for their first birthday that was professional done and their baptism cake. Ashlee
  • I’m a twin and we shared 1 massive cake (decorations half/half) for most of the early years and then once we had our own friends etc we had one each. Emily
  • 1 cake Essy
  • When they were little one cake, after all we only had two kids at that stage and who needs that much cake! Now they are older they have one each. But I do it so they get to pick one each one for the day if their birthday at home and one if they are having a party. Now they are in separate classes at school we do three cakes, one for home and for each class. But if they have a party I don’t send anything to school. Nyomi
  • I wouldn’t think to have more than 1 cake… Maybe a tier for each baby?? Alexandra
  • 2 cakes coz they are two different and unique in their own way. We also sang happy birthday twice Goknur
  • Generally 2 cakes and sing two “Happy Birthdays” one each. Kiri
  • For big parties 2 cakes but just for family party 1 cake. When they grow older and have more friends to come to parties they will get a cake each. And they are boy girl so they like different things and colours Lisa

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