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Vaccinations – for or against?

syringeVaccinations are a very contentious topic in any baby forum, mothers group or even amongst family members. We asked our mums whether they chose to vaccinate, delay vaccinate or not vaccinate at all and these were their responses.

Please do not rely on these answers when making your own mind up though – this is just a discussion. The decision whether to vaccinate or not is such an important one, and one that could potentially save your child’s life. Your GP should be your first port of call for any questions you might have. If looking online, please make sure that the websites you visit are reputable and have research-based, scientifically valid information.

This booklet from the Department of Health and Ageing debunks some of the more common myths surrounding vaccinations: Immunisations- Myths and Realities


(for anti-vaccination responses, click here)

  • Yes, I immunise my child and I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t.
  • It would be irresponsible of me not to protect my children.
  • i believe all children should be vaccinated for the pure fact, if there was no reason for it, why do they have them in place in the first place. i personally will always get my daughter vaccinated and so should EVERYBODY before they head off to school/day care!
  • all children immunized after a long time researching it all but just because thats what I chose for our family doesnt make it right for everyones.
  • I find that you just have to do it. Better for them later in life.
  • I chose to vaccinate my daughter as the diseases that she is vaccinated against can be quiet serious if not deadly. I was immunized as a child and see no issues with them. They are there for a reason and we have seen less break out of diseases since vaccinations and treatments where created.
  • I think cos it protects your child from the worst virus ect out there. I was influenced by anyone it was a decision me and my husband made as her parents.
  • I have done it to protect my child and others
  • I did with child as i thought it had to be done didnt realse you could choose not to..
  • Protection against deadly diseases..
  • To protect my child and others. Immunisations are the reason we don’t have our children dying of such preventable things. Such as polio etc.
  • I do and will. In this day and age why wouldn’t we do everything we can to protect our children from awful diseases and illnesses? It doesn’t make sense not to…
  • Yes I did. My mother immunised me and doing so is all I really knew. Now I have my own child the pro’s far outweigh the cons and the risk of her getting a disease is now lessened. I will continue doing so.
  • Both of my sons are fully immunised. My partner and I have done our research, are aware of the risks and benefits on both sides, and have made an informed decision, for our children.
  • As above lol. To protect my children & others • You try and protect your children from dangerous things, so why not diseases, I have had my daughter immunised and plan to get future children done too!
  • This was such a hard thing for me, I was so scared of all the ‘ what if’s ‘ if I did and all the what ifs if I didn’t ‘ I done a lot of reading from both sides and in the end choose to get my daughter immunised. My decision I guess was swayed when I thought of if she did get something not only could it harm her but others ( and yes I know she can still get things ) with saying that I respect and understand why some don’t get it done. Its freaking scary.
  • There was no decision for me to make, it was a no brainer.
  • I have immunised both my children. I think a child becoming very ill with a disease/condition that can be immunised against would be too heart wrenching and so scary for my babies. That’s my personal opinion anyway.
  • I chose to immunise my children because I could not live with myself if either of them got one of those terrible diseases and I could have prevented it.
  • I choose to immunize as the risks of not immunizing seem to far outweigh the risks of immunizing. I couldn’t live with myself if my child caught a deadly disease or past it on to another child.
  • Yes to protect my child and others. To give them the best chance in life as possible
  • I want to protect my son and those around us! I am also educated enough to know immunisations dont not cause Autism. I will not put my son and his health at risk not when we are encouraged, educated and compensated to do so I am responsible parent. iTs crazy that children get very ill and die from preventable diseases.
  • To not only protect my child but everyone else’s as well there are illnesses back in our country that were gone but due to the increase of parents not immunizing there children they are slowly coming back, my opinion is it should be rule before ur child is allowed to go to school
  • All 3 of my kids are up to date with their needles….i do it for their health benefit and noone and nothing influenced my decision to do it
  • There’s a reason why we have immunisations and although there are risks, they pale in comparison to what you are protecting your child from. Most of the “anti immunisation” scare tactics such as it gives you autism has now been debunked…. I understand why people wouldn’t immunize if there’s an allergy, however do not agree with not immunizing you child if there’s no immediate risk….
  • If the decision was up to my husband, our children would not be immunized. He has wanted them to build up their own immunity by themselves. I believe that giving them a helpful boost to protect them against the nasty bugs etc is a good idea, therefore all of our children have and will continue to get their vaccines.
  • For me there really was no choice. Vaccinating your children means keeping your own babies and others well and safe from deadly or disabling . My parents vaccinated me, and there was never any question about whether or not to vaccinate my children.
  • Both of my girls have been vaccinated yes they can still catch things but its not as sever if they are vaccinated as if they weren’t
  • I will always get my children done but my step daughter mum doesnt want her to get done anymore (only has 4yr old ones to go) was something bad said in the project? Coz i fully believe children should be unless there is a medical reason or for religion. I like to think by getting simple needles im giving my children a better chance of a healthy life
  • I do because i feel it’s protecting my family! Even having my kids i held my hand up to also get vaccinated to protect them and other babies. Im also highly afraid of needles!! I’vd never forgive myself if they got ill because of a disease i could have prevented.
  • I vaccinate my dd because I’d rather see her cry for a day cause she’s had a needle than not have her around because she died of an infectious disease!
  • I want to protect my kids from the diseases, I’d rather him have a little temp and pain from the needle than actually get so sick from the disease and die,
  • I believe that if EVERYONE vaccinated their children, a lot of these childhood diseases would become non existant. If EVERYONE is vaccinated, it cant be passed on.. I vaccinate my son because the diseases themselves have bigger risks / outcomes than the actual vaccinations (in most cases) id rather him have a fever and be cranky for a few days than take the risk he may get one of these diseases. Also, most daycare centres wont allow a child to attend if not vaccinated.
  • As their parents isnt our job to keep them safe from harm when we can??? i really dont see how u couldnt!?
  • I chose to vaccinate for the simple fact that if my dd wasn’t vaccinated and she caught something it could be a lot worse than a fever and antibiotics. I don’t think it’s fair on the child or others around them to not be vaccinated unless there is some sort of medical condition preventing the vaccination.
  • I chose to vaccinate, not because i was bursting with enthusiasm to do so. I think every time i go to the doctors it is playing a game of Russian roulette as to whether my dd will be adversely affected by the vaccination. They are injected with about 47 viruses by the time they are 4. That is a lot. Some of the diseases are life threatening and some are not. At the end of the day it is a gamble as to what’s going to cause the most harm and a choice has to be made. I chose to vaccinate because deep down i believe it is slightly less of a gamble and i believe that herd immunity does work (but i don’t believe others should be forced into it for the sake of herd immunity)
  • I immunise as the diseases we vaccinate against used to kill children and I would hate to lose my child when a few needle could of saved them and what would be just as bad is the risk it would cause to other children the thought of it being my fault that someone else losses their child would make me immunise every time
  • i chose to vaccinate as i would hate to see my children catch some of those nasty viruses out there!! I believe that the authorities have weighed the pros and cons and found it beneficial to have them!!
  • After some researching, I decided that my child was better to be vaccinated than run the risk of contracting a disease/illness that could cause even worst affects of what vacs can these days.
  • My dd is 2.5 years old and up to date with all her vaccinations. For us it was a no brainer – we just felt the risks of not vaccinating were far greater than the risks of an adverse reaction from a vaccination. We’ve never had any problems with her vaccinations and will vaccinate our son due next month also.
  • Namely as I have neither the time nor the inclination to dedicate decades of my life to medical research into vaccinations and so on… So I trust the medical professionals that have done so, and therefore, on their recommendation, choose to immunise our kids. I don’t believe a bit of Internet research on the subject is in the same league.
  • I feel I’m been responsible by immunising against things I can prevent & therefore protecting my kids – this is something I can control. While there aren’t guarantees the wont catch anything – immunisations mean it could be less serious. As a young first time mum – I didn’t realise I had a choice, 2nd time around after having a critically ill baby – I chose to immunise, as i felt the positives outweighed the negatives. I’d never forgive myself if something happened to my kids – & it was something that could of been prevented with an injection. {I do respect others opinions & can see both sides – I still think immunisation is the right way though….I also think the immunisation schedule needs to be looked at – its an awful lot of vaccines close together}
  • After a lot of research we decided that the pros outweighed the cons when it came to vaccinating so both our children are always vaccinated according to the prescribed schedule, I have seen and heard of far to many babies and children dying of diseases and illness like whooping cough and meningococcal and I can’t help but think immunization could have stopped this, I want to be part of the solution not part of the problem.
  • The mortality rate of diseases worldwide was astronomical prior to vaccination! Due to vaccination many diseases have been eradicated from most countries. I have seen children dying with whooping cough and measles, something no parent should ever see of their child. I immunised my children and they have immunised their children. Due to the polio vax, there is no longer any need for the ‘iron lung. God bless the researchers!
  • As a microbiologist, I have studied immunology at a university level. Knowing the terrible things that can happen to babies if they catch the diseases that can be immunised against, it is the responsible thing to do as a parent and as a member of a community to get them immunised. The only reason that these deadly diseases continue to exist in the world is because people are misinformed and choose not to immunise. Imagine of your newborn were to get measles or rotavirus or whooping cough because someone else decided to not get their child immunised and they passed it on. This is why I will always campaign for immunising and aim to research to make vaccines against other deadly diseases.
  • I’ve vaccinated all 3 of my kiddies..each person has there own reasons but as a nurse with my knowledge I’d rather give them the sensitive injections then have them sick constantly
  • I also found it very silly of channel 9 to have an uneducated woman on saying the vaccinations caused her sons autism – nothing causes autism your child is born with it and the signs become more obvious around 18months when the major vaccs are needed. Myths like this are why its becomming more prevalent common that parents are choosing not to or to delay vaccinating as well as the notion theese disease are almost unheard of these days – its because of vaccinations these disease are less common these days!
  • We chose to vax so our children are protected and we dont want to be responsible if a child got extremely sick and or worse passed away.
  • I do- because that’s MY choice! If someone chooses not to who are we to judge their parenting??!!
  • I met a mum who’s son was allergic to vaccines I choose to because kids like him depend on others being immunized
  • I vaccinate & I wish I could know when other children aren’t
  • MOST professionals encourage vaccines and I think it’s quite obvious it is the smart thing to do with such a growing populaton and knowing how quickly diseases are spread these days. Vaccines are not always 100% and because of this I wouldn’t like my kids playing with other kids who aren’t vaccinated. I think the few UNPROVEN risks are well worth my children getting a disease and dying.
  • I vaccinate because i want to protect my daughter against anything that could harm her. I also want to do everything i can to help those who CANNOT be vaccinated for the various reasons. I am horrified to think if my daughter got really sick and i could have done something to prevent that.
  • I saw this thing on the news a few years ago! It was about whooping cough. This new little baby was coughing her little lungs out. It made me really sad! The story went on to say that when babies have hooping cough they slowly suffocate. Just thinking about this makes my skin crawl. That’s why I get my baby immunized.
  • Both my two are immunised. With the research and technology that makes immunization possible I feel I would be doing wrong by my children. It is my job to do the best I can for them and we do not live in third world country where none of these are on offer.
  • Polio and Whooping Cough are really not ‘nasty bugs’ that we are immunising our children against. They are deadly diseases that we cannot build up an immunity to. If there is not a 95% immunisation rate within a society, then the diseases start creeping back in, killing our babies before their immunisation has taken effect. That is why I immunised my child and will continue to do so.
  • I vaccinate because I would hate to see my children get ill or worse from the illnesses we vaccinate against. Diseases like smallpox have virtually been wiped off from vaccination. The way I look at it is I was vaccinated as a child and I’m a healthy adult with two healthy girls.
  • We chose to vaccinate our son. My mother is against vaccinations and bombarded me with reasons not to. My brother is one of the children that was effected by the old whooping cough vaccination. Luckily he only had the convolutions & no other damage like other children did. But with all the evidence of what happens to babies when they are not vaccinated outweighed the small risk that goes with vaccinations. Because of my brother I did question the medical practitioner doing his vaccinations and she told me that is why the new whooping cough vaccination isn’t as strong as the old one. I’m glad we have chosen to vaccinate He even has the extra vaccination for TB as he is a Pacific Islander.
  • Both my kids are and I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, I wanna know I’m doing everything I can to protect my kids.
  • I decided to vaccinate cause i believe its safer than not • Both our girls are immunised because I believe it’s the best way to protect them, keep them safe from horrible diseases and to help ensure they may love long and happy lives xxx
  • I choose to vaccinate all my kids to eliminate wide spread diseases. There is no other way to keep them (the diseases) from our community unless we all are vaccinating. Not vaccinating is a poor choice
  • I chose to vaccinate because I felt it was best for us and wanted to prevent all of the diseases possible. I would rather vaccinate because I would not forgive myself if she got something preventable. We are all able to make our own decisions though.
  • I vaccinated my DS, I have been vaccinated my whole life, and at my sisters request got a whooping cough booster before I fell pregnant with my son, as she was due to have her little girl and there were a few cases around at that time. I was also advised this my my doc just before my son was born, and his dad and grandparents got the booster as well. I believe if I can prevent something, I will do everything in my power to protect my boy. One of the biggest issues with those who don’t vaccinate, is knowing of someone that didn’t have their children done, and they didn’t bother to mention it to me when he was just newborn, and we were meant to attend a function with pur son (turn of events bub ended up staying at home as it was too hot) so in turn increasing the risk to my child, as little kids usually love babies and get all over them. What if something happened then? That scared me the most. So I am very pro vaccination, and in fact hubby had is booster as I was in labour with my son!!
  • I am a speech pathologist and it drives me insane that people believe that children get autism from vaccines. They do not! There was along one small study supporting this which was discredited. I choose to vaccine my 16 week old son to prevent him from contracting deadly diseases and experiencing unnecessary suffering. It was a no brainer!
  • I chose to vaccinate because i could never live with myself if she caught one of the diseases. Atleast now if she does get 1 i nko i tried to stop it happeneing.and if she catches whooping cough it wont kill her as it would if she wasnt vaccinated
  • As an emergency department & icu nurse, i have seen first hand, little defenceless babies die of preventable diseases, it was absolutely heart breaking. Something I will never forget. I respect those who choose to not immunise as everyone has the right to choose to but i really struggle with their decision. My little girl is up to date with her needles, I think we are lucky to be in a country where immunisations are freely available.
  • You know what I was thinking alot about this today. I choose to vaccinate. I want to protect my baby from getting very sick. There are so many disease their young immune systems struggle to fight. There is no way I could risk my baby’s health. I am actually not a huge fan of the words CHOOSE or CHOICE. I wish people would not always just say my baby my choice.
  • The decision was simple…vaccinate..or risk the chance of my kids contracting a deadly disease. One minute of pain due to a vaccination needle versus possibly having my kid in ICU with tubes n needles sticking out of them due to contracting a disease that I could of prevented. Personally it was a no brainer
  • For us, there was never any thoughts of not vaccinating. It was really brought home to us the value of vaccinations when we had rotavirus go through our family 2 years ago. Our almost 2 year old at the time had been vaccinated against it, so when he, as the first to get it, had it, he throw up twice in 24 hours. About 3 days later, my 4 and 6 year olds caught it. They had to be hospitalised on a drip for 5 days as they could not keep anything in or down. I stayed in with them as they were so lethargic they couldnt even roll over to throw up, let alone make it to the toilet when they had diahorrea and so needed their clothing and bedding changed numerous times each day as they would just vomit or void their bowels all over themselves. I never got it, but my hubby caught it and was unwell for a few days while looking after our 2 year old. Even though we were in an isolation ward, my parents decided to come visit us with my step-mother saying, it’s only a gastro bug, until my dad caught it and was off work for over a week (in my 37 years it is the only time he has had more than a day or two off work at a time!) and even though he had an ensuite in his bedroom, he had some very close near misses! I could very easily see why so many children in 3rd world countries die from rotavirus each second.
  • I choose to vaccinate my DD, for 3 main reasons: 1, myself and my partner were both fully vaccinated with no dramas, 2 my uncle contacted polio as a child in the 50’s and now walks with a limp, I listened to stories my mother told me about his brush with it and I would not wish it on anyone, 3 have worked in the health industry and seen first hand what it’s like for littles one especially to have measles and mumps, it’s heartbreaking.
  • My reasons behind vaccinations are the same as most people, I feel its safer and I put my trust in medical professionals not other peoples unfounded opinions. My son has autism and a small part of me is terrified vaccinations are the cause even though I know its not true. I will be vaccinating all my children
  • I vaccinate my child to prevent them from catching diseases that continue to spread from others who are not vaccinated. • All my children are up to date with immunizations I was & so is my hubby
  • I chose to vaccinate my child because I believe its the right thing to do. I couldn’t live with myself if she got a disease/illness that I as her mother could have prevented! • i chose to vaccine my children because they cannot attend ANY school without them
  • Mine are immunized and a part of me will laugh at those that don’t when a pandemic comes along and many get sick if not die
  • We choose to immunize mostly because our nephew got hooping cough at 6mo and almost died also infected his brother’s and they got really sick. I also believe that the pros if vaccinations far out way the cons even though I have to get my husband to hold our little girl coz I cry every time. Also can understand why people don’t as my best friends son had a bad reaction and ended up in hospital.
  • Children can attend any school or child care centre once they get a clearance from their doc.
  • I immunize my kids because I could live with myself if something happened because of immunization but I could not live with myself if something happened to my child because I did NOT try and protect them.
  • I vaccinated both of my kids to prevent them from catching diseases that can be prevented, the pros of vaccinations outweigh the not yet scientifically proved cons of vaccination.
  • Please read and consider the evidence before deciding not to vaccinate.
  • Both my 18 year old son & now my 11 month old daughter are fully vaccinated….it’s a no brainer really as my son(vaccinated) caught blinkin whooping cough from an (non vaccinated child) & nearly died when he was 3….it was the worst time in my life as a parent & so its my opinion is it should be rule before ur child is allowed to go to school or childcare & a child care centre or school should also be made to tell other parents that there are non vaccinated kids there so they can make an informed decision about whether to keep them there or not……
  • Everyone needs to go visit a third world country and see why we here are so fortunate not to have these diseases. Its because we are vaccinated. I was in a country when there was a measles outbreak and I was 15 wks pregnant and sitting next to children with it, over 600 people infected about 200 died mainly children. the country had no vaccinations and had to wait 3 months for it to come from the UK after it goes through all its processes to get there. Vaccines save lives. The unfair thing is when someones child dies because they became infected from someone else’s child who wasnt vaccinated.
  • I choose to vaccinate all of my children because I would much rather my children get a mild dose of a disease then a full blown, put into hospital on deaths door. I believe that just because a disease is not common anymore does not mean you are safe from it, and by not vaccinating you are not only putting your own children at risk but others children as well.
  • To me there wasnt an option. my son is vaccinated is completely up to date..
  • Immunisations save lives without anuy doubt in my eyes. I believe parents who do not vaccinate their children put not only their children bit other children at risk. Yes children who are immunised still are at risk of getting the conditionsthey are vaccinated against but the risk of complications and the severity of tthese is greatly lessened.
  • My three children are immunized and this year my 4 year old caught scarlet fever, which is a disease rarely heard of, he had to haveneedles every day for 5 daysThe dr told me because so many children are unimmunized all of the “old disease” are coming back. I find comfort in knowing I have done all I can to protect my kids.
  • Both my children are vaccinated. There was no question about it for us!!
  • It’s never crossed my mind to not immunise my babies, the pros definitely outweigh the cons (although I’ve never looked into it that much) I know that they are a positive thing and will protect my kids and that sets my mind at ease.
  • I immunized my son because I’d rather prevent him from catching anything – I’d rather take the risk of a 1:10000 chance something could go wrong then not take that chance at all and end up with an angel son. At least with the vaccinations he’s protected from more dangerous strands than none. I think immunizations should be mandatory with no if buts or maybes, no exceptions. I also believe parents who don’t immunize are just in a way selfish to their children, to themselves and to any other child take us in contact with their children – if I knew someone hadn’t immunized their child and my child hasn’t received all of his immunizations I know for a fact my child wouldn’t be going anywhere near the other child.
  • Both my childrens needles are up to date however I draw the line at the the flu needless for any of us. I have known people living in low immunisation areas whose babies have come close to death with both whooping cough and measles but I also know someone whose child had a awful reaction to a needle and is now disabled so it is a double edged sword. Maybe some more research into age appropriate administration of live vaccines wouldn’t hurt. another point I want to make us that the rate of disease in third world countries is also made worse by poor sanitation, open sewerage and dirty water which thankfully we don’t always have to endure here.
  • All my children are immunized. I believe no unimmunized child should be allowed at play groups, day care centres or schools. I have done all i can to protect my children and don’t think that people who choose to risk their own child should be allowed to place others at risk. I nearly lost my youngest at 33weeks pregnant due to an unimmunized child exposing me to an illness while i was at my older childrens school. It endangers the entire community.


(for pro-vaccination responses, click here)

  • I was a herd vaxxer, but decided to look into it more, wondering why people weren’t vaxxing. I realised how much crap was in them, and the bad effects. And that most aren’t even effective anyway! My 17 month old daughter is completely vax free and the healthiest of my 5 children. Glad I researched an made up my mind.
  • We choose to do delayed immunisation. Our kids still get them but at a later age than normal . We do so as our first have a bad reaction to a particular immu & for other various reasons.
  • After researching ingredients, how effective the vaccines are, the actual disease we are vaccinating against and how I’d feel about treating that if my child was to get sick, we decided not too. We now focus on building strong immune systems through organic food, sunlight, exercise, lots of water and plenty of sleep. Seems to be working
  • I’ve been torn on this issue as my gut tells me I need to offer my bub some form of immunity but I’m reluctant to pump all that stuff into a body so young and while still in the fragile first months of development. After looking further into it I’m choosing to go the holistic approach instead. Never knew before but there’s such a thing as Homeopathic Vaccination which is much safer (no live vaccines, harmful impurities etc). My natropath recommended a contact by the name of Dr Isaac Golden http://www.homstudy.net/Research/
  • I researched it after my niece got autism from her needles. I researched very deep into it . i have three kids n none are immunised.. Did you no that the base ingredient of these injections are alliminium, chicken blood, horse urine as these all have properties in it to stop your body rejecting the vaccine.. Therr is no hope in hell i give this poison to my kids.
  • We have missed the younger shots and only do delayed with our 25 mth old now she is behind in 3 and skipped a few out of my 3 children’ she is my healthiest the others were fully done on time and delayed my only prob is people cristising or asking why and day care won’t accept her also I can’t get the government immunization rebate
  • I first questioned vaccines when a friends child was ‘vaccine injured’. Autism started off my questions. Now it’s so much more than that I question- why is every second child allergic to things these days? Ever thought its because we bombard their immune systems at such a young age & this is their bodies response. & the medical profession say its normal for kids to get sick every 6 wks – um, no its not. If we don’t bombard their precious immune system they are better prepared to fight diseases.
  • We who dont immunize practice other safe measures of natural immune building properties.. Just cause it ain’t in an injection don’t mean it don’t work.
  • they have cut the immunisation allowance recently i think. My boy is actually fully vaccinated because i just assumed it had to be done but recently a friend of mine stayed with me who didnt vaccinate her kids and they are really strong healthy girls, she did her girls homeopathically herself and told me some of the things that are in them and i was so shocked. Especially for newborns. Im currently pregnant with number 2 and now debating which way to go. Im thinking of maybe just doing whooping cough and meningicoccal ones and skipping the chicken pox etc but i shall research more. Its been good reading both sides : )
  • I’m not vaccinated due to bein highly allergic to thm.if I had been given any more I wud of become a vegetable in a wheelchair,so my parents refused to giv me any more.knowin wot they kno now they wud Neva of vaccinated me in the first place.my two girls aren’t vaccinated n Neva will b,same goes for any other kids we hav.
  • After months of extensive research we decided not to vaccinate as there was way too much crap in them. I feel they do more harm than good. My 2 girls are completely vax free and are the healthiest kids I know 🙂
  • I have family members whose children aren’t vaccinated and they have to be the healthiest kids I’ve known. Our daughter was delayed vaccinated as she had gotten reactions (though the doctors denied it, said it was all in my head) and to this day I wish I hadn’t of been bullied into giving her the vaccinations. After her two yr olds (due next week an depending on her reaction) I don’t want to give her anymore.
  • I had a series of bad reactions as a baby. The last – from MMR – almost killed me. I am pro choice – if others want to vaccinate their children I have no problems with this. After looking into the ingredients of the various vaccines I couldn’t subject my son to intramuscular injections. Most people would in no way want to eat such ingredients, so then why would they so readily inject them, particularly since there is no first line of defence (unlike the gut). I’ve read some medical papers from the states citing data that shows some of the most immunisation compliant states also have the highest incidence of whooping cough – & amongst those vaccinated predominantly. Having a shot doesn’t guarantee your child won’t contract the virus – many vaccinations have a low efficacy & additionally not at strains are included. Each to their own but I couldn’t risk a potentially lethal reaction for possibly negligible benefit. I am opposed particularly to newborn Hep B immunisation.
  • I chose not to vaccinate because as a Mother, that was the decision I made that was right for my family. Simple as that!
  • Oh another thing.the vaccinations tht I did receive,none of thm worked.i got my immunity checked afterwards n I had no immunity to anythin tht I had been given.Fast forward to wen I woz 19 n preg wit dd1,they checked to c wot I woz immune to,n it came back tht I woz immune to everythin tht I shud of been.i hav Neva caught chicken pox or measles etc,so sumwhere in my life I’ve been exposed to these things n my body has had its own immunity n fought thm off n made me immune.My obs woz absolutely gobsmacked wen I explained it to him,n cudnt believe I’d Neva been vaccinated


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