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Victorian Anti-Vaxxers to be forced out of childcare centres

It’s a case of “No Jab, No Play” with Victorian anti-vaxxers being told to take a hike if they’re not willing to vaccinate their kids under a set of new, tougher laws.
Daniel Andrews’ Victorian Government are cracking down on the number of unvaccinated children presenting to childcare centres without proof of serious medical reasons for exemption.

Victorian Anti-Vaxxers are kicked to the curb as the Victorian government tightens childcare enrolments. Will this impact you?

Victorian Anti-Vaxxers working with anti-vax doctors

It has come to light that a significant number of parents have been liasing with an organised network on anti-vaccination doctors. These GP’s have been providing documentation that has allowed Victorian anti-vaxxers to skirt around the current restrictions.

Tough new legislation

The strict new laws, introduced November 15 2017, stipulate that:

  • Parents must provide documentation from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)
  • Letters from GPs are no longer considered ‘proof’ of vaccination
  • Victorian anti-vaxxers, or parents of children who cannot receive immunisations for medical reasons, must provide AIR documentation as means of explanation
  • Childcare centres will be regularly audited to ensure all children are up to date with their immunisation schedule

Andrews Government harsh stance on Victorian Anti-Vaxxers

The Andrews Government makes no apologies for the legislation changes. Health Minister Jill Hennessy states that, “The science is crystal clear – vaccinations are safe and save lives. People who tout misinformation about immunisation are a menace and put the health and safety of children at risk”.

”No Jab, No Play” is working in Victoria

October 2017 saw the highest percentage of childhood immunisations in Victoria, where 95% of five-year-olds were fully immunised and up to date. This is in line with the Andrews Government’s hard line when it comes to immunisations. It also echoes the Australian Government’s position on immunisation requirements to be able to qualify for a variety of assistance packages including the ability to access the Childcare Rebate.

To Vax or Not To Vax – The Eternal Debate

The issue of vaccination and immunisations is one that consistently serves to sever the parenting community. Strong opinions on both sides of the issue can mean that debate often becomes heated.

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