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What should I carry in my nappy bag?

We asked parents what they carry in their nappy bag and have put together a list of suggestions below.  Underneath you will find more detailed replies and explanations for the suggestions, if we are missing any nappy bag essentials add them to the comments belowwhat should I carry in my nappy bag

Include in nappy bag for changing baby

  • Wipes
  • Nappies
  • Nappy bags, plastic bags for dirty nappies
  • Change mat
  • Nappy rash cream
  • Spare clothes, 2 changes of clothes, esp for 1st 6 months, spare clothes (for baby and you – baby poo or spew is not nice to have on your clothes for the whole day!),
  • Plastic bag for soiled or wet clothes
  • Hand sanitiser

Include in nappy bag for feeding baby

  • Bibs
  • Bottles
  • Formula
  • Food treats when they are a bit older
  • Water for mum/and or child
  • Spew towel, cloth nappy
  • Face washer
  • Tissues

Include in nappy bag for baby for cold/hot weather

Include in nappy bag for baby for entertainment

  • Rattle or toy of some sort, small toys and books
  • Dummies

Include in nappy bag for mum

  • Breast pads
  • Lip balm
  • Purse, phone keys
  • Camera
  • Hand moisturiser

Include in nappy bag just in case

  • Baby panadol
  • Maternal health book
  • Teething gel


Tips from other parents:

What to include:

  • Spare clothes. TISSUES!!!! Hand sanitiser. Food treats when they are a bit older. Amanda, mother of Chase 20 months
  • Everything but the kitchen sink! PLENTY of wipes, nappy’s, spew towels, and always 2 changes of clothes for those nasty explosive poos you get when you’re out and of course the little chuckies they do on themselves! Sarah, mother of Ryan 20 months
  • Nappies, wipes, bibs, dummies, nappy bags, bottles, formula, water. Taryn, mother of Poppy 3, Harry 21 months
  • Nappies, plastic bags for dirty nappies, change of clothes (especially for the first 6 months), baby wipes, face washer, spare wrap, rattle or toy of some sort. Hat, socks or booties in case weather got cold. Caroline, mother of Thomas 14 months
  • Nappies, wipes, nappy disposal bags, change mat, snacks, change of clothes, hand sanitiser, dummy, water bottle.
  • Nappies, disposable bags, wipes, nappy change mat, hand sanitiser, spare clothes for bub, socks, blanket, nappy rash cream, sun cream, breast pads, snacks. Emma, mother of Chloe 20 months
  • Always keep nappy bag stocked with: nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, spare clothes (for baby and you – baby poo or spew is not nice to have on your clothes for the whole day!), baby bum cream, baby panadol, dummy, teething gel, maternal health book, water and snack for yourself (breastfeeding is hard on your body). Megan, mother of 16 month old
  • breast pads, nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, plastic bags for soiled or wet clothes, wraps, blanket, several sets of clothes, infant paracetamol, change mat, disposable change mat, bibs. Michelle, mother of Jacob 9, Tiara 8, Rita-Lily 6, Louella 2
  • Wipes, Plastic Bags, Loads of Nappies and a change mat
  • sanitary gel, great for when there is no running water around. Diane, mother of Lukas 10 months.
  • nappy disposable bags, spare cloths, muslin, dummies, sunscreen, hat, snack (for me), water (for me). Robin, mother of Piper 4, Rowen 2.
  • The basics – Nappies, wipes, cream, wraps, change of clothes. Karen, mother of Lena 4, Claudia 1.
  • Nappies, wipes, change mat, nappy sacks, nappy rash cream, toys, flannel, tissues, lip balm, multiple change of clothes. Kristie, mother of Isabelle 3, Blake 20 months.
  • I have 3 children under 3, my nappy bag was stuffed with 3 different sized nappies, spare clothes, bibs, bottles, formula, snacks, water, hats, small toys and books. I also used it as my handbag to avoid using two bags – I used one of the pockets for my purse, phone, keys. I always recommend keeping your camera with you. Deanna, mother of 3.
  • Nappies, wipes, nappy sack bags, bibs, 3 change of clothes, nappy cream, spare dummy, water bottle, milk bottle with sterile water, tommee tippee formula dispenser. My stuff – purse, keys mobile so only taking 1 bag. Kathryn, mother of Blake 3, Chelsea 1.
  • change of clothes for different weather, hot water flask, 2 bottles – 1 filled with cool water filled baby formula dispenser bibs & towels several nappies disposable wipes plastic bag to throw dirty nappy in disposable change mat personal items eg keys, purse. Kristin, mother of Kayla 4.5 months.
  • Spare clothes – essential for just in case, extra nappies than expected, socks, powder, sun cream & hat, extra bottle when small, food/snacks when older & sippy cup of water, nappy mate nappy rash cream. Christyn, mother of Jorja 21 months.
  • Nappies, wipes, change mat from huggies. that’s all! Many a spare clothes. Water or milk. Fruits snacks. Mother of Vitoria 23 months.
  • Nappies, wipes, nappy rash cream, nappy sacks, spare clothes for baby and you (got covered in spew a lot, especially early on), breast pads, dummies. Erin, mother of Rose 3y.
  • Nappy sacks for stinky nappies! Antibacterial hand spray. Spare clothes (ESSENTIAL) More than enough nappies. Mother of Melayna 5y.
  • stash of ziplock bags in case a bin wasn’t near -more than one change of clothes for baby -wipes -nappies -change mat. Gillian, mother of Annick 3y.
  • nappies, wipes, hand sanitiser, tissues, spare outfit for baby, spare top for mum, wraps, snack for mum, pen, camera, eye drops, baby moisturiser, dummy, paw paw ointment, water for mum, small toy. once on solids also: small spoon (like those ones from the gelato shop), banana or avocado once off breastfeeding also: biscuits, water, scissors (to cut food). Adreinne, mother of Callum 23 months.
  • Spare clothes, bibs, wipes, creams, breast pads, nappies, flannel, nappy disposal bags. Always restock after every trip out as soon as you return home so that the bag is always ready to go. Keep that the spare clothes fit every so often. Marianne, mother of Haleemah 6y, Muneerah 4y, Jawaad and Khaleel 3 months.
  • cloth nappy, huggies nappies, bepanthen, sunscreen, one muslin one cotton wrap, spare clothes for baby, nappy wipes, nappy sacks. Mother of Andrius 3 months.

 Tips for packing your nappy bag

  • Turns out you don’t have to dress your baby and swaddle him in a rug when it’s 40oC. Jo, mother of Jason 22 months.
  • Re-stock when you get home, not before going out. That way, you are always ready when you want to go somewhere and it doesn’t feel impossible to get out of the house
  • Also have a spare nappy and nappy bag, including little swimmers in your car (at back of front seats is a good place) as you never know when you are going to need it. Amanda, mother of Chase 20 months.
  • I always tend to over pack so perhaps place just basics in nappy bag and leave others in bag in car (in case needed). Will save your back.
  • Found a nappy wallet easier for quick trips- opens into a mat, has pockets for a few wipes and nappies.  Kristie, mother of Isabelle 3, Blake 20 months.
  • Lots of cloth nappies which make great “spew Rags” or emergency cloth to clean up Number 3 poos. Taryn, mother of Poppy 3, Harry 21 months.
  • Wipes in a plastic sealed bag to avoid carrying large bundles and they don’t dry out – carry packs of wipes often dry out. Nicole, mother of Tuscany 4, Morrissey 3, Valen 6 months.
  • Huggies disposable change mat, nappy, wipes, nappy disposal bags, hand alcohol, bibs, change of clothes, wrap. Melissa, mother of Jake 15months.

Share your suggestions for what are essential nappy bag items in the comments below

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