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Cloth or disposable nappies?

boys in nappiesDo you use cloth or disposable nappies?

  • Summertime- cloth, winter- bought.. 
To damn hard getting them all dry during winter, unless u have a drier 🙂 Aisha
  • Cloth, Modern Cloth nappies are Amazing now! So many to choose from for every size baby too! And a bundle cheaper and a ton cuter!:D Cassie
  • There many factors for each. For me personally i use disposables. Simply cos i didn’t want the extra work that goes into cloth. Leanne
  • I use both/cloth r great to have in the cupboard for those times ur short on cash…i use store bought nappies when leaving house/ Niomi
  • cloth all year round 🙂 i have no problem drying withour drier, i just make sure i was more in winter so i have enough to get through longer drying times 🙂 Carly
  • I prefer cloth. But shop around and try each brand out before buying the 15 or so nappies you will need to be a full time cloth nappy user. I used around 5 different nappies until i settled on cushie tushies for my son. I have used disposables as well but i much prefer cloth. Its not too much extra work really, you need to wash them every 1-2days so realisticly its and extra 15 minutes every day or 2 extra than what it would be using disposables. Michelle
  • Definitely cloth (MCNs) all the way. The few times I’ve used disposables I’ve hated them. Can’t stand the chemical smell, the rash they give my son, or the guilt associated with all those wasted resources!
MCNs are cheaper, healthier, cuter, easy, and better for the environment too. April
  • a mix but mostly cloth good old fashioned toweling ones and if you keep a nappy bucket in the wash trough with nappy saker in it its really not that much more work 🙂 Dani
  • Exactly what i was trying to say, you just said it better 🙂 Cassie
  • Why not a bit of both, as they both have their spot!! Melissa
  • Disposables for my son he has never once had a nappy rash and he is 18 months old I don’t like the idea of having to clean poo off of nappies!! Tiffany
  • i used both, day times were cloth nappies, night times and going somewhere for an extended amount of time where i wasnt sure about hvaing adequate facilities in case of soemthing more than a number 1 we used disposables. My kids didnt do well with too much padding or waterproof pants up here in the humid weather. Sammi
  • I may just be lazy bit with 2 other children I just don’t know where I’d find the time to do cloth nappies.. I used cloth with my first which worked fine but I did find it extra work that I just don’t have time for these days.. My daughter has never had a rash from disposables and I don’t find that they smell any more than cloth.. Bianca
  • I used disposables for my first and I am using cloth for my second, I wouldnt use disposables again, LOVE the cloth bum, I use MCN’s though not terry towling and to be honest I really don’t find it that much extra work, I also feel better know all of thoes chemicals are not going onto my baby’s skin from the sposies! 🙂 Kristy
  • Cloth all the way – I haven’t used disposables since leaving hospital with my 5 day old, and my daughter is almost 2 and toilet training. Disposables are full of nasty chemicals (including one that was banned from tampons years ago due to links to toxic shock syndrome). Cloth are better for your baby, better for the environment and waay cheaper (and pretty damn cute too!). Time factor…honestly, it taks me about 30 seconds to throw them in the wash, 10 minutes to hang them on the line and 5 to fold and put them away, once every 2 days – it’s pretty negligable, especially when you consider that with the cost factor, you are also working to pay for disposables. Sarah
  • I used disposable for 8 months but at 6 months started EC’ing (early potty use) and once my son started doing all of his #2’s on the potty I switched to cloth. Since then I might have only had to deal with a handful of pooey cloth nappies – I was using disposables for night until recently but have now invested in night MCN and so he only really wears disposables on daycare days. :o) Wendy
  • And for the ‘cloth are gross’ issue, try this – either way, you are wiping poo off bums…I flick the poo off the nappy into the toilet, flush, and chuck soiled nappies into the machine on 5 minute rinse cycle… then next time I go to use it throw the nappy in the wet bucket to wash properly later. Disposables, you still have to deal with poo, but then you have to do something with the pooey, stinking nappy –I would rather the extra flick & flush into the toilet than the smelly rubbish bag and stinky bin! Sarah
  • Disposables all the way for me! used cloth nappies with my first (before mcn were around) and couldnt believe how much easier life was when i started using disposables! with 5 in my family washing cloth nappies is way too much extra effort that i can avoid. never had any problem with rashes or smells from either. Toni
  • I used MCN durin the day n disposable at nite
if we r goin 2 the shops/goin out sumwhere i take disposable so i can jus chuck it away. Simone
  • Love huggies. Sarah
  • Cloth ( mcn) at home or short shopping trips, disposable on long trips and over night. One pack of nappies last forever !! I only have 10 mcn and I just wash every 3 rd day. Will usually have to use more disposables on wash day too lol. Save so much money . Kylie

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