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What is your favourite place to shop for breast feeding outfits? Stylish tops and dresses? Online, in store, casual or formal. We seem to be getting a few questions regarding Breast feeding clothes. Don’t forget to mention the city & state if recommending an physical retail store.

  • Bonds nursing singlets under a normal t-shirt or top. For around the house a target nursing top ($20) Elana
  • The best discrete bf singlets are at Best & Less. A few different colours and have inbuilt support so no need for a bra. Super doper comfy Amanda
  • Angel maternity online Jo
  • Following (I live in Alice Springs…choices are target and kmart) Emaly
  • Laila and spot is fantastic! Carlene
  • I use best&less bf singlets as pj top and under swing type tops. Target tops are comfy but hate that they have the elastic gathered belly which i don’t need. Tara
  • The best ones I have are from Target… but wherever you get them from, they are SO worthwhile! Tracey
  • I love the maternity top from target with no sleeves, good price too I have several in different colours! Megan
  • Found the best dress at Kmart! Still wear it now even though not preg or feeding. Also I found the feeding tops pretty awful but a normal buttoned shirt was heaps better! Kerry
  • I found some great ones at Mamaway and Big W. i have found that the stock varies between stores though Renae
  • Lycra! Anything that stretches enough is good enough for me Amie
  • Laila & spot Lorna
  • I just wear normal clothes Mel
  • Breastmates, angel maternity, soul mothers. All online Kathlene
  • I just got a lot of button up tops etc Bethel
  • I wear tops that can be pulled down enough to gets boobs out. Otherwise bonds maternity singlets with a normal top. Marlana

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