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10 tips to find time to exercise

This article is part of our Healthy Body Healthy Mind series

find time to exerciseExpert tips by Lorraine Scapens from Pregnancyexercise.co.nz

When starting a challenge you need a plan, fail to plan- plan to fail!

I am here to help you keep active and motivated.

As busy mums we tend to put ourselves last on the needs list and if we already manage to squeeze exercise in it is our workout session that is the first to get pushed to one side if anything else crops up.

This is why we really want to help you get moving as healthy mums can take on the world!

To help keep you moving and active I have set up your own Exclusive Babyhintsndtips Live webcam exercise class, so you have no excuse. I have planned your exercise for you!

I have always exercised, I love being active and I get really frustrated if I miss too many days in a row without any activity.

But oh how things have changed, over the past 6 years I have gone from a serious age group triathlete training 12-14 hours a week to exercising for just 90 minutes over 7 days. I used to run for 90 mins off a 3 hour bike! Life has changed with 3 kids and now to get any exercise in if I haven’t made a date with it, it will easily get missed..

So week one of the Challenge and this is what I want you to do:

I want you to commit to exercising 3 times a week and I want you to write those 3 times in to your diary or put in to your phone now, you can’t cancel these times.

I then want you to go ahead and book out those times and days for the rest of the month. You are going to tick off each session as you go.

If I can fit in 3 sessions a week running 2 business, looking after 3 kids 6, 3 + 1 and running the household I know you can do it too. Follow my tips below to ensure you get moving!

Ten Tips to Get Your Exercise In:-

1. Exercise early- if you can get active before the kids and your partner wake up nothing will interrupt this session.

2. Not safe to exercise outside- Put my exercise video on and do it in the morning or when the kids have gone to bed.

3. Walk the kids to School/kindy 1-2 times a week

4. Family trip out in the car? Get dropped off approx 20-30 min before your destination and meet them there-by the time they have found a park and all got out you will have almost arrived!

5. Get a 30min walk in on your lunch break if at work

6. Kids on Bikes/Scooters?  Take to the local park and make them do X amount of laps so you can walk fast for 20-30 minutes, this can also be a good interval session especially if they are keen to race one another!

7. Meet a friend for a coffee but you both have to walk for 30 minutes before you sit down or have your coffee and walk!

8. Arrange to meet a friend to exercise, you are less likely to cancel.

9. Follow a program and set a goal you are less likely to miss a session if everything is wrote down..

10.  Avoid using your car for  two days a week during October


Next Week- Tips on Keeping Motivated!


Lorraine Scapens

Lorraine is a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with 20 years experience training pregnant and post natal women. She has specialized in Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise for more than 15 Years. Her websites are Pregnancy Exercise and Turning Baby, and you can read her blog here. She is also on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can contact her at lorraine@pregnancyexercise.co.nz. To see all of Lorraine’s articles, click here.


Disclaimer: This information is general advice only, and you are advised to discuss any concerns you may have with your GP or midwife, or before starting a new exercise regime. Lorraine is not able to provide you with medical advice. You cannot hold Lorraine liable in any way for injuries that may occur whilst training.

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