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A Letter to My Child Starting School

a letter to my son on his first day of schoolToday we share a beautiful letter penned by a mum to her son, who is starting school this month. Get the tissues ready, Erinne Sullivan will hit the waterworks button for any Mummy not quite ready to let their baby go… Maybe this will inspire you to write a letter to your own little school-starter. 

My darling boy,

I’m sure it was only yesterday that I was able to fit you snuggly in my arms, cocooned in your baby blanket. That your eyes would search the world in wonder, but your body was too small to keep up with the wonderful things I could see your mind wanting to discover.

I could swear that only another second passed and you were walking towards me, full of pride and beaming smiles as you surprised yourself by the new trick you had just learnt. I remember when you tried to run as fast as the ‘big kids’ at the park and you tripped over your own little, unsteady feet. You cried for me, needing me to scoop you up and kiss it better, proud for me to be your safety net.

I am certain it was only a few days ago that you were too scared to let go of my hand when you first started pre school, but secretly, I think I was more afraid than you. Because my darling, it was then I realized how quickly time was passing, how soon you were off playing with your new friends, learning new stories and games. Growing before my eyes in both little body and adorable character.

Before I knew it, I was weeping at your final pre school concert. Thinking about how this next chapter of big school would continue, never ending now, until you were old enough to drive, to vote, to travel – all without having to hold my hand tight. 

I swear big school was once so far away, but now we are here. Know to me you, will always be my baby, even if you are soon too big for me to wrap my arms tightly around, I will always try.

Now is the time to go.

Explore, learn, discover who you are and seek your place in the world, knowing I will forever be your safety net.

Love Mum.

Erinne Sullivan describes herself as a full time mother, part time student and all the time live-r of a passionate, heartfelt life. Erinne is the mother of an adorable five-year-old son and when’s she not chasing him around or answering endless questions, (but why?), you’ll find her pinning lovely things, drinking tea from pretty cups, reading in the corner or tapping her thoughts away at the keyboard. From worrisome to wonderful, Erinne has something to share (or write!) on the topic.

Reader Idea:

How do you feel today Mum? Excited for your babies? Sad to see them go? A little bit of both? Jot those feelings into a quick note for your children and put it in their memory box for when they are older. They will love the insight into how you felt as a parent and you’ll be connected with those long-forgotten Mummy thoughts and feelings which fade into the business of daily life. Grab a pen and capture the moment! 

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