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Acupuncture in Labour: Advice

acupunctureWould love to hear all of your experiences with acupuncture to induce labour and if it worked for you? Also any other tips would be great! Trying to avoid a medical induction

  • I did accupuncture 3 times and didnt go into labour I do however think it helped me have a quick labour. I tried from 38/39 weeks I ended up going 11 days over but had a 50 minute labour although the pain was worse then with my first. Krystal
  • I went to an acupuncture appt and the next morning, bub arrived. I didn’t go for an induction though. I say go for it, it’s gentle and not at all invasive. Julie
  • I tried acupuncture to induce labour. I had two treatments a week apart. Noticed no changes after the first session but lost my mucus plug a few hours after my second session and went into labour midnight the following day. I ended up giving birth to my daughter at 41+2 weeks without medical induction. Stacey
  • I had accupuncture on a Monday arvo and went into labour on Wed morning. Adele
  • I had accupuncture Saturday arvo and went into labour 7pm Sunday night. I was 2 weeks over tho, and had been eating spicy food, walking up hills, and going for bumpy drives, so whether it was that, or just time to come, who knows lol. Good luck, hope u manage to beat medical induction. I was the same as u.. Absolutely determined I wasn’t getting induced, and beat the induction by 3.5hrs lol Corrie-Anne
  • Hospital recommended nipple stimulation either by hand or breast pump. PLus clary sage oil also helps situmlate the uterus as Oxitocin (labour hormone) does. I also went the the chiro the night before I had my #3 bub. Good luck. Samantha
  • Highly recommend. Nothing to loose. It’s not magic. You can’t hit 40wks & expect miracles. Best results seen if you start @ 37wks. You may still go over but hopefully wont need induction. After my 1st session I dropped considerably. Rach
  • i had accupuncture natural induction and it worked a treat! Megan
  • You dont have to have a medical induction if you dont want to, its up to you – hospitals just dont like you going over the date they pick by more than 2 weeks (make sure you know your due date – the one they gave me was out by 4 days which makes a difference when you talk about induction at 40+5 when your really 40+1. Emma
  • I’ve had both medical induction and natural. I lost my mucus plug just hours after my first treatment and started contractions. After a couple of days it was steady but didnt progress untill my second treatment when I also tried natural herbs and aromatherapy that my doula recomended. Im not sure what they are but ask your healthfoodstore for advice. My acupuncturist also practises chinese medicine and was a wealth of information. Goodluck. Jess

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