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Amber necklacesI’m very interested to hear about experiences with the Baltic Amber Necklaces. I’d like to hear any information about if it did/didn’t work for you, and if it did help, how so?

Warning about Amber teething products

  • I’ve had an amber neclace on my ds for the last 12 months…doesn’t seem to be doing anything, but other I know swear by them. Worth a try. I keep my ds’s on because its just cute lol.  Symone
  • I bought amber necklace for my 8mth old dd 2 mths ago. I found it has stopped her drooling. And her 2nd tooth came through without any dramas.  Alyssa
  • I have had an amber necklace on my son since he was 3 months.. he got his first tooth at 7 months and now at 10 months has 8 teeth.. and you wouldn’t even know he is teething.. coincidence maybe but there is no way in hell I’m taking it off lol not a risk I’m willing to take!  Melissa
  • My son has just cut his first 2 teeth. He was absolutely terrible early January, waking up every hour or more at night. Mother in law bought us an amber necklace for him and he’s been sleeping through amaaaazing. I swear by it.  Kaydee
  • I have just received one on Thursday 7 Feb for my 20 mth DD. It’s kicked in Sunday and there is a noticeable difference because on Thursday she started teething again with her last molars. She occasionally touches it but isn’t phased. I got mine off Amber house jewelry on Facebook and absolutely love it. Highly recommend them as well. The natural properties in the beads help with any pain. Can get adult necklaces too.  Marcia
  • My 14mth old son wears the amber bracelet, he has had it on for a few months now and it stopped the drooling drastically which then stopped dribble rash, he has recently cut a tooth and we didnt even realise as he has been pretty happy! I am not game to take it off to see what happens!  Stacey
  • I brought amber for my DD from She has recently cut 3 of her 1yr old molars at the same time, with only a bit of ear-tugging, and I had given her minimal pain relief as well, as I didn’t know that she was cutting teeth!  Mel
  • Without them my DD screams nonstop and has a fever put them on and 30mins later her fever is gone and the screaming stops, she still whinges with them on but nothing like when she’s not wearing them.  Apreinia


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  1. AvatarRandall says:

    We bought our first amber teething necklace for our son when he was getting his 2 year old molars. We were impressed with the improvement that we noticed, that we bought one for our daughter and she wore it from 12 weeks. It is important to use them in accordance with the safety guidelines and make sure you buy from a reputable supplier. We purchased ours from My Natural Bliss ( formerly The Amber Room – they have Baltic Amber Necklaces and Bracelets and also Silicone Teething Jewellery as well. We have also used amber ourselves as adults and notice a difference as well. It is worth a shot.