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Is my baby hungry or just wants comfort?

is baby hungry or comfort (Custom)I’m having trouble in the day time trying to figure out if my baby is hungry or just wants the nipple…he keeps falling asleep on the boob and as soon as I put him in his bed he will wake and cry…he’s perfect at night he goes to sleep in his bassinet…I really don’t like dummies and don’t want to get 1 …i don’t like leaving him to cry…once he gets worked up i lean into his bassinette and cradle him back to sleep(not picking him up) I’m confused as to if he should be awake…if he’s hungry or if he’s using me as a dummies…the nights are fine just during the day…he is 5 weeks old.

  • I would suggest u get into some sort of routine, like suggested above feed, play, sleep… Some babies like to know what’s happening next my little one loved this routine.. Also if he keeps falling asleep during feeds try nappy change between sides n dressing him only in a singlet so he’s not too cozy hope this helps.   Danielle
  • Even if he is using you for comfort it really isn’t harmful. He will soon grow out of it. And he can’t use you as a ‘dummy’ he uses a dummy as a fake you.   Madison
  • He might just be trying to boost your supply up if he’s going through a growth spurt. My daughter would do that every now and then and I was told that’s what was happening.   Brooke
  • I was in the exact same boat. I couldn’t even cradle my baby back to sleep because she wanted the boob. She used it for everything sleep, comfort, dummy etc. I never wanted to use a dummy but I had to get one for my sanity and to save my boobs. If you do end up with a dummy you could always just use it as a last resort or only at certain times. Good luck.   George
  • We had this issue and changed to feeding when he woke up so that he wouldn’t fall asleep. So now it’s wake up, change, feed, play and back to bed. He is a much more contented baby now and never cries because he’s hungry hope this helps!   Alyce
  • My baby is 4 weeks and does the same. I just put a boob in his mouth anytime he stirs. My baby cluster feeds and the crashes and sleeps long periods. I would just continue to feed and your baby may do the same. If you need time to do stuff get a baby carrier and put bub in that. My baby is on my boob, wrapped onto me or asleep.   Katrina
  • My little man is also 5 weeks and was the same i started him on infants friend for wind now he is much better. But still will only stay asleep if I wrap him firmly. He only really has one big day sleep though but had a few naps.   Amy
  • Maybe when he falls asleep instead of putting him down straight away hold into him while you do something or maybe get a baby carrier and put him in there he may just want to be with you this will pass as he gets bigger.   Jacente
  • My bub was the same. Night time perfect. Daytime she wouldn’t sleep in her bassinet. Sometimes shed sleep on the couch for 10-30mins. I bf her in bed lying down one day and she fell asleep on her side. As I got up to move she rolled onto her belly I watched her and she put her head to the side. I sat in bed n watched her sleep. She slept 3hrs. I now put her belly down for day sleeps and on her back at night. That was at around 6 weeks or less. She’s always had awesome head control and I feel confident during the day with belly sleeping while I can watch/check on her.   Keira
  • Same problem with my 2 1/2 week old. I didn’t want to either but I’ve ended up using a dummy when’s she’s really unsettled cause I couldn’t even put her down during the day for 5 minutes. It’s helped and I don’t use it all the time. Wasn’t sure what else to do. Good luck.   Laura
  • My DD was the same, always fell asleep, I have to tickle under her chin, cheeks, her feet. As soon as I start to pull away she will wake. Babies sleep more when they are not getting enough milk as they have no energy. All you can do is weigh them every week to make sure they are getting enough.   Melanie
  • Sounds like reflux and maybe wind. Hold him up on your chest to snooze after he feeds for 10 mins. Bubs often want to such when they have wind. As he gets older it will get better.   Sally
  • Another thing that does work with my boy is to wrap him and pat him. He protests a bit but then just goes to sleep.   Amy
  • Yes he’s using you for comfort to put himself to sleep, my daughter does the same thing, now thankfully she’ a found her fingers to settle herself as she won’t take a dummy, I’m not a big fan of dummies either, but it’s a natural instinct to want to suck for comfort. Kelly
  • Every time my little one would fall asleep on boob or bottle; took us near stripping him to to keep him cool and conscious as it was so warm and snuggly that dosing off wasn’t an issue Some of the midwives suggested a cool/warm bath to get him awake if it was becoming too much of a problem. We even did the tickling which worked to some extent.   Nita
  • My bub used to fall asleep on the boob. My midwife said to try the eat play sleep routine so you are feeding when they wake up and aren’t tired.   Kristen

How do you know if baby is hungry or wants comfort?

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