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Best Christmas Presents for Teachers

Whether they’re daycare teachers, primary, high school or even swim school teachers, it’s always nice to show them some love and appreciation for putting up with our kids the whole year just by giving them a Christmas pressie.

But being that they’re not close friends and you don’t have them on Facebook to stalk what their interests are, it can be hard to find a gift let alone one that is budget friendly.

We’ve spoken to teachers and parents and come up with a list of presents any educator would love:

Snail Mail

It’s not often people take the time to hand-write a letter these days. If your kids are of writing age, you could get them to write a letter to their teacher. For younger kids you could get them to make a Christmas card for their fave teacher.

Ms E says, ” Letters are most treasured, it’s something to look back on how big of an impact you’ve made on young lives.’

Best Christmas Presents for Teachers

Handmade Teacher Christmas presents

Although your kids craft can be cute, something that you and your child make together that’s a little more practical would be appreciated by their teacher. Some ideas are:

“I’m making clay bead lanyards for my kids teachers as I got one last year from a child” says Mrs K

Staff room goodies for Christmas 

Although gifting something for your child’s teacher is great, something for the whole staff room or faculty would make you a super popular mum. 

“When my son was in primary school I would buy a box of cherries for the teachers and office staff to share as a Christmas present,” says Mrs Q.

Funny presents this Christmas 

If your child is known as the trouble maker and you’ve been to the principal’s office more than a couple of times, you may consider this present – not only for your child teacher but for the principal too!

“I once got a bottle of wine with a photo of the kid on it and a card that said ‘sorry my kid causes you to drink”, says Mrs K, “It was such a funny gift, it’s been my favourite for years.”

Best Christmas Presents for Teachers

Sentimental presents to say thank you to your child’s teacher

It’s hard saying goodbye to teachers that go the extra mile. We all have that special teacher that we’ll remember forever. Some parents go all out and buy extravagant gifts but just because you want to express your gratitude doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

“I made a card that read ‘Thank you for helping me grow,’ for my son’s pre-school teacher and I put some sunflower seedlings in a tiny envelope,” says Mrs C. “She loved it and it was sentimental but not too sappy.”

In that same path of plants showing growth, a succulent would make a great present for a teacher. If you’re looking to gift something for the daycare as well as the teachers you could buy them some herbs or veggies for them to grow.

Class present for the teacher at Christmas 

A way to buy something for your child’s teacher that is a little on the pricier side is by collecting money from everyone in the class and gifting them something together.

“It’s the third year I’m collecting money for the class present, last year we gave Mrs B a nice pair of earrings, this year we’re planning on a Pandora ring,” says Mrs N.

Presents policy for teachers

While teachers appreicate any kind of gift, I mean who says no to a present! You should check what the gifting policy is with your daycare/preschool or school as some do not allow gifts to be accepted by staff.

Teacher appreciation letter template

Have you seen our awesome teacher appreciation letter template?

Thank you teacher letter Download it here and pop this into a Chrissy card and half the job is done!  You could print these off for the whole class and collate for the teacher as a group gift this Christmas    


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