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Easter Bunny Ears Template

Easter bunny ears template

Get your kids hopping along with this fun Easter Bunny Ears Template to make  a fun Easter craft. Your kids will love making their own dress-ups with these bunny ears. They can get creative decorating their own Easter bunny ears to wear.

You will need:

  • Thin card
  • Elastic
  • Crayons or other colouring materials

* Optional – cotton wool, felt, material scraps for decorating the bunny ears


Step 1. Print out the Easter Bunny Ears Template. Download:

small ears

medium ears

large ears

Step 2. Colour in the bunny ears using whatever colours you choose

Step 3. Cut out the bunny ears template including making the holes on each side where the spot is

Step 4. Thread string, elastic or ribbon through the hole on either side

Step 5. Attach to your child’s head using the string, ribbon or elastic.

Note: The bunny ears can also be decorated using cotton wool, felt, coloured papers or any other creative materials.  Easter can be about more than chocolate, get crafty and get in the Easter spirit.

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