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5 tips to make cleaning easier and quicker

Find more time to play with the kids (or even to have a cuppa) with these general cleaning tips.  All about making cleaning more efficient and breaking it down into small jobs to do in between playing a game or changing babies nappy.

1.  Write a list of cleaning jobs to do.

Break your list down into small jobs. Our spring cleaning list may help 

This may include vacuum (break down into rooms), wash dishes, mop, clean bathroom, clean the toilet, clean the kitchen, dust (break down into rooms that need cleaning), tidy (break down into rooms), hang out the washing, put the washing away, ironing

2. Write a daily chore list

Include essential jobs to do when you have a few spare min.  Include a few extra jobs that you can do if you find some extra time

This can be done on the calender. Extra jobs can include cleaning windows, vents etc

3.  Start with the cleanest surfaces

This avoids spreading dirt and grease. Work from higher surfaces down so you don’t spread the dust. After cleaning wipe all surfaces dry to minimise the growth of harmful bacteria.

4. Make sure everything has a home.

Tidying is much easier and quicker when you know where everything goes.

Teach your children to return toys to where they belong. You can use labels with pictures to help, just take a photo of the toy and use it to label your shelves.

5. Minimise the clutter.

Keep only your favourite of your kids art and craft, recycle the others. Remember the joy of art is in the making.  Take photos of those you do not want to keep but want to remember.

Have a filing system handy for the ones you are keeping or put them up on display.

Keep benches as clear as possible, this makes cleaning much easier.

Don’t expect to have a perfect house, do what you can then let your children mess it up again.

Have your children’s toys on a rotation system so not all are out at a time. This makes them easier to put away and your kids will be excited when a new set of toys comes out.

Hopefully these ideas will help free you up to play with your child!


What are your best cleaning tips?

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