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Spring Cleaning Challenge



If like my house you are still waiting for the cleaning fairies to arrive, then this Spring Cleaning Challenge is for you.  Life with kids doesn’t always allow time to get the cleaning done the same way we could before kids. We have 30 tips for you, to help Spring clean your house.  You can do a section a day or at your own pace.  We look forward to working through the list together and sharing ideas. The weekly challenges can be printed off and put on the fridge to remind you what needs doing.

These ideas do not replace your normal weekly clean.

Good luck and HAPPY cleaning.

Tip: Before you begin get 2 empty boxes and label them ‘charity’ and ‘storage’.  As you go from room to room put all those things you no longer use in storage, or even better donate to charity. The less clutter you have the easier it is to clean.

Weekly Challenges

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Other cleaning tips

Homemade Cleaning Products

* Cleaning with kids

* Cleaning your bathroom

* Cleaning your kitchen


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