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Dad’s First Christmas – Help Him Celebrate!

Dad holding sleeping baby in front of Christmas TreeI want to get my husband something for Xmas that he can enjoy with our 8mo son. Any ideas for a Dad’s first Christmas? 

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  • A gaming consol or remote control cars? Maybe a movie suitable for DS to watch and throw in snacks and some for DS?  Samii- Maree
  •  remote control toys are always popular with the guys & our daughter loves them too my hubby has a helicopter that is loads of fun.  Melissa
  •  Depending on your budget but maybe a push bike with a toddler seat.  Amanda
  •  Books Books Books. Ones for now, for next years and many years to come. For father’s day each yr my kids give their Dad a book and put their hand print in it. So far it’s been simple story books but waiting for the day they can give him “The Hobbit” and he can read it with them.   Jeanette
  •  A pool?  Jessica

What did you buy for Dad’s first Christmas?

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