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Dangers of adding Farex to bottles

farex-to-bottleHas anyone got any references or information on the dangers of adding farex to a bottle? We have been asked the question but we cant find an answer.

  • Ask the doctor I was always told never to add farex to a bottle by both doctors and midwifes , if your wanting a more thicker feed use a formula thickner , always always ask your doctor before adding anything to your babies bottles Samantha
  • farex is a cereal that is neutral for a first taste food when introducing solids. Farex is a solid, it should not be introduced until the baby is ready from at least 4 months. If you need to thicken milk use a formula thickener NOT farex. Giving solids early can hurt their delicate stomachs and even cause stretching and make baby’s stomach very upset, and other things that can happen introducing solids early. Hannah
  • My son had bad reflux and had to see a gastroenterologist, the dr suggested I add Farex to his bottles. He didn’t tell me anything bad about doing it tho. Natalie
  • formula thickener is better not farex. and farex is yucko use raffertys garden it smells and tastes far better. Diana
  • I hated farex and so did my boy, didn’t give it to him again after couple days of trying it (6months) Louise
  • With my 4 children at 4 months started giving very small amounts in their bottle for their tummies to get use to it then when they reached 5-6 months then started them on rice cereal Paulie
  • there arnt any dangers around adding farex to bubs bottle, but sometimes the teat get clogged so you may need to adda larger flowing teat….. I use to put farex in the bottle especially at the last feed before bed, this helped them sleep heavier……….. make sure you have no lumps in the mixture though… good luck Lesley
  • if you read about the actual history of why solids have been introduced and why it poses some interesting questions as to why so early? It was again based on structured feeding routines not necessarily for health most parents would have no idea of this…I watched a 5mth old the other day being spoon fed didn’t look interested just food being shoved into its mouth….once i read BLW and Gill Rapley’s book which focuses a whole chapter about the history of solids and babies it really made me think..i now watch my #2 who is 7mths (i waited until 6mths) and when he was ready and his approach to food is great, really enthusiastic…like he is actually ready for food as opposed to me “thinking he needs food”…i also think the allergy thing is a bigger issue like the increase in c-sections, mothers diet, less exposure to germs.genetic vulnerabilities not just down to intro solids at 4mths.. here is a good link about the concerns over rice cereal like Farex…it’s just not about putting it in a bottle and babies have fast digestive systems that if loaded down with cereal based may have links to digestive issues later in life…just remember its a man made idea not necessarily for any benefit health wise..http://www.askdrsears.com/…/6-reasons-delay-introducing… Natalie
  • Natalie Above- that link is great,I personally think some mums start solids too early & it shows the importance not too in that link.Although it was in the newspaper couple ov weeks ago that 4 months is betta to start small ammounts than 6 months, to help not get food allergies later on.But neva b4 & only when they can hold their heads up Jados
  • I read somewhere, sorry cant remember, about teaching babies the social norm of solid via a spoon and liquids via a bottle and later cup, also a link between solids via a bottle and obesity later in life as bubs will just keep eating/drinking if its so easy flowing and continuous. Cecilia
  • I was told to add farex to my sons bottles by his doctor when he was only about 2 months old. He had no problems with it. He was my first child so I just listened to the doctor. I did the same with my 2nd child under a different doctors instructions. With my 4th child I used kericare AR formula cos he had reflux. I found that better then using the farex but he still went on solids quite early cos he wasn’t settling and was always hungry. Juanita

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